Bodysuits have been one of those items which I have fully incorporated/embraced/loved in my wardrobe ever since they first started hitting the high street a couple of years back. They're the one piece which just looks great with just about anything and everything. The bodysuit can also looks pretty killer with a pair of high waisted jeans or trousers of the similar type. This Topshop one is especially giving me those 70s, studio 54 vibes with its deep v-neckline, and twist knot detailing that I adore!

Bodysuit - Topshop (link) | Jeans - Topshop (on sale - link) | Shoes - M&S (similar - link) | Bag - Zara 


Independence is something that has been installed within my outlook for life/career/relationships from a young age, as being an independent person is something that should be taken as a privilege, especially knowing that you can be in control of all three of these aspects of life. Being independent, for me, means feeling comfortable in your own skin and enjoying your own company without the fear of loneliness. That is not to say that you can’t be independent whilst being in a relationship, as this could work in turn and give you confidence and support in doing things on your own and for you. 

The thought of being independent can often feel you with anxiety about dealing with certain situations on your own, whether that’s moving into your own place or even just going to a gig on your own. These things can almost be hyped up (by society or peers) as being something that should feel you with dread and doubt, and that you shouldn’t do on your own. But in fact, when you do them these thoughts don’t even cross into your emotional stream of consciousness. Speaking personally I’ve been there with experiencing an overload of anxiety about e.g. going to gig by myself, as someone who now often does this on a daily basis –to photograph bands etc. I know now that this is something that you shouldn’t be fazed by at all. If there’s a band you’ve always wanted to see live, but there’s no one you know to see them with. Screw it, just go by yourself and have the best time. Because ultimately being independent should be embraced with wide open arms.

Cardigan - Nastygal (link) | Dress - Nastygal (link) | Boots - H&M (link


This white frilly Topshop, top was an item I picked up over the summer and was something that I instantly fell in love with, both shape and fabric wise. It was also a purchase I was adamant of wearing throughout the different seasons, and intrigued to style for different occasions. Now that I have fully started to embrace the autumn weather (it took some time to adjust) you can often see me pair it with a pair of high waisted pale wash jeans. I actually picked up these from Primark last month, and they are (surprisingly) a really good fit. Despite having a long ol' history of experiencing a love/hate relationship with jeans, this pair has been fully embraced within my wardrobe and is often reached for when I'm opting for 'casual dressing'.

Top - Topshop (similar) | Jeans - Primark (similar) | Boots - H&M (similar) | Choker - New Look 

styling-knitwear-dresses styling-knitwear-dressesstyling-knitwear-dressesstyling-knitwear-dressesstyling-knitwear-dresses

I've been kinda longing of owning an oversized knit midi/maxi dress/cardigan for the past month of so and have never really come across any styles which would fit seamlessly well into my existing wardrobe. That is until Nastygal had a lil' 50% code floating about over the weekend, and after seeing this particular cardigan styled as a 'dress', I was completely sold. The styling of todays outfit is actually majorly inspired by how they styled said item on their website, as the pairing of a black belt and a pair (of my beloved) chunky boots is a combination of 'laid back grunge' that is so effortless and I'm all for. Sometimes simple styling is the most effective form.

Cardigan (worn as dress) - Nastgal (link) | Boots - H&M (similar) | Bag - Zara (similar) | Belt - New Look (similar)



Following on from my last post, where I discussed how I've recently fallen back 'in love' with styling the humble skirt. I recently picked up this lil' leather number on a H&M browse the other day, I was particularly drawn to how it is a bit of an 'update' on the classic mini, by being paired with this round buckle belt. Oozing all those 1960s vibes which I have a fondness in my heart for *thanks to ahem...pinterest* and even more so by pairing it with those 'reoccurring' black over the knee boots. So you can definitely see that icon that is, Brigitte Bardot has taken effect on my wardrobe once more.

Cardigan - Primark (similar) | Skirt - H&M (link) | Boots - Primark (similar) | Bag- Zara (similar) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (link)


*This post features gifted items & affiliate links*

There is something quite romantic about the idea of wearing a blousy, puff sleeve top that oozes that effortless Parisian vibe (which I often take inspiration from) for a day-to-day outfit. Even with a pair of classic pale wash denim jeans, this sort of piece can instantly add an (zero effort) lift to a whole look. I have also been getting back into wearing skirts as of late, as there was phase where I really couldn't be asked with wearing one. This grommet lace-up addition is the perfect versatile piece for daily wear, and (of course) is the perfect accompaniment with a pair of over the knee boots as a staple autumn footwear choice.

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Blazer - Next (link) | Top - Shein (link)* | Skirt - Shein (link)* | Boots - Primark (similar)


Sometimes you come across that one item, which you physically cannot stop thinking about. With that said item being these leather flares. To be honest I didn't think I needed a pair of (faux) leather trousers in my life, that is until this combination of leather and a flare popped into my radar. Two of my favourite things in clothing... I personally feel like they're more of 'sassier' item, that can easily spruce up a simple everyday outfit, day and night.

Jacket - Topshop (link) | Top - Primark (similar) | Trousers - Topshop (link) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (link) | Boots - ASOS (link)