The staple hoodie has been my ultimate go-to piece for comfort and casual wear for as long as I can remember. You can quite often see me in one paired with a pair of simple jogging bottoms, as they are perfect for chilling around the house and doing errands. But when it comes to everyday wear I often prefer to style the piece with a more refined approach. Whether that is mixing the sporty vibe with a slightly more tailored feel, like today or layering over a skirt or dress for a still casual yet ‘girlie’ look. Like I mentioned, I have decided to go towards the more tailored approach for styling todays outfit, as I’ve spoken about my recent love of styling more cleaner silhouettes and styles in the past and thought this would be the perfect piece to do so. With this in mind I decided to pair my NICCE hoodie with a pair of fitted flared trousers and then playing on the sporty vibe with the addition of the bum bag and Nike AF-1’s, as my key accessories.

In addition to this style, NICCE offer a wide range of women’s hoodies in a range of colours and styles, to suit your personal style preferences. The fit is the perfect combination of oversized and still maintaining a flattering shape. They are made from an extremely soft to touch fabric that make them all the cosier to wear while out and about. It is a piece that
I can quickly see becoming a wardrobe staple that will see me through the cooler months, and I can’t wait to start layering it with roll-necks and tailored jackets come autumn.

As well as an awesome array of hoodies and sweatshirts NICCE also offer a wide range of tops, bottoms, swimwear, dresses, underwear and coats/jackets that embody the streetwear brands’ aesthetic perfectly by fusing the latest casual-wear and street-wear trends, at an affordable price point.

Hoodie - NICCE (link)* | Trousers - Primark (similar) | Trainers - Nike AF1's (link) | Bag - eBay (similar)

In collaboration with NICCE Clothing, all opinions my own.

Sharing an outfit I wore the other day when the weather was a tad on the more summery side than it is today - a downpour is currently taking place when I type this post.

With the blazer being a firm favourite of mine I wanted to experiment with styling it on its own as more of a statement piece by accompanying it with a belt, as a nod to 80s styling. I'm not going to lie but I'm definitely into this styling technique as it can instantly dress up an outfit.

Blazer - Vintage (similar here) | Trousers - Missguided (link) | Belt - New Look (link) | Boots - H&M (similar here)

Following on from my recent love of styling tailored pieces, within my wardrobe, I've decided to mix in a bit of a 'sporty vibe' into today's look with the addition of my nike's and checkered trousers. Needless to say that the checkered trouser x nike combo. is one that I'm often reaching for, as my go-to.

Blazer - Vintage (similar) | Top - Vintage (similar) | Shoes - Nike AF-1 (link) | Trousers - Shein (link)*


Styling a whole outfit in muted tones has become something which I've started to experiment with more and more, especially with the warmer months. As well as being a switch up from my usual all black / dark outfits, there is something about styling a look like this with a pair of 'sliders' that instantly transforms it to a more casual set-up.

Top - Vintage (similar) | Trousers - Vintage  (similar) | Bag - Radley London (link)* | Slides - Fila (link)

As of late the humble blazer has become an essential in my day-to-day wardrobe, as it is a piece that is extremely versatile to style, but it can also instantly transform a fairly casual looking outfit into something a little more 'put together'.

It's an item that is extremely easy to source second hand, as most vintage/charity shops will stock some sort of blazer suit. Which means you can quite easily build up a collection of the item, fairly inexpensively without the need to sacrifice on quality. Because of this it has become an item that I'm always on the lookout for on my frequent 'secondhand' shopping trips, as there is always a bargain to be had.

Brown Blazer - Vintage (similar) | T-Shirt - Band Merch (similar) | Trousers - New Look (similar) | Bag - Kate Spade (similar)

stylepeaches-jw-anderson-style stylepeaches-jw-anderson-stylestylepeaches-jw-anderson-stylestylepeaches-jw-anderson-stylestylepeaches-jw-anderson-style

This has definitely become one of my go-to outfits when I want to inject some colour into my daily style, as its pretty apparent that I only seem to wear black 99.9% of the time...

These red flare trousers are ones' which I have featured on the blog before, but after a sudden spur of inspiration (and the gracing of some sunshine and warm weather) I decided to chop off a few inches of the length to give them an instant update.

Basically, I was longing for a pair of cropped wide legged trousers, but instead of going down the 'easy' route of purchasing a pair and obvs. being a student, I wanted to be thrifty with an item that I already own but hardly wear, that could be instantly updated into something that will see me through the warmer months. Needless to say there's no regrets here, as I've been wearing them too often to count since

Top - JW Anderson X Uniqlo (similar here) | Trousers - Missguided (similar here) | Bag - Kate Spade (similar here) | Boots - H&M (similar here)


As someone whose a 'living at home' student, and does a majority of their work at their desk, the workspace is one of those places which I spend a lot of my time at. Ultimately the space has to work for you, as if it quickly turns into an area which you despise working in, then your productivity levels will plummet. I've experienced this on numerous occasions, and my advice to get out of this 'rut' (so be it) for me is to switch it up and make it an area which you enjoy working in.

I personally began to do this by firstly moving the position of my desk, as someone who I would say is 'light sensitive' I'm always trying to maximise the light in my room. So by doing this quick desk switch around, into an area where the morning sun rays fall, has definitely began to improve my productivity.

Another thing is to spruce up the area with a few new homeware accessories, that needn't be expensive. I decided to fix up mine with the help of the Old English Company, a brand who specialise in all things homeware and stationary. There truly is nothing like some new pretty office stationary to uplift your mood, in tow with motivational banner flags and adorable mug coasters.

Notes Pad - link | "The Master Plan" Notebook - link | "It's Ok" coaster - link | "Monstera Leaf" Coaster - link | "Be Awesome" Mug - link | "Love What You Do" Banner Flag - link

*Post in collaboration with Old English Company - all views my own*