So Valentines day is next month and I thought it would be fun idea to compile two looks for a night out, that I would opt for, with one being a look that is an *amped up* version of my classic go-to and another being a tad more on the 'glamour' side- a side I don't often experiment with styling wise. The classic go-to is obviously the high-waisted black flares and bodysuit combo, but I've decided instead of playing it safe like I often do, to mix in this gorgeous lace bodysuit as a subtle nod to the 'lingerie as outerwear' trend that I'm kinda into experimenting more come the warmer months.
For look numero 2. and as a dedicated fan of the over-the-knee boot trend and all round style in general. What better way to take these boots into a nighttime look then by adding a heel and pairing them with an oversized blazer dress, to embody that 'effortless', thrown together feel that I'm here for and has definitely become my 2019 styling approach.

Outfit 1 : Bodysuit - PLT (link)* | Trousers - PLT (link)* | Necklace - PLT (link)* | Boots - Next (similar)

Outfit 2 : Dress - PLT  (link)* | Boots -  (link)* | Choker Necklace -  PLT (link)* | Earrings - PLT (link)*


Personal style for me, has been an ever evolving 'thing' which to be fair is pretty evident on the blog archives. It is also one of those 'things' that I'm constantly trying to move forward with and adapt with age, as to be honest I'm (obviously) not going to go for the same style choices as my 17 year old self would as a now 23 year old. One thing I have learn't over the years, through using my blog to document this is that I've learnt not too overthink the way I approach styling as much as I used too, and to not fall into the trap of whether the outfit I'm documenting is 'in fashion'. From doing so I've learn't to literally just go with the flow with my likes and dislikes (fashion wise), and I honestly feel like I've subconsciously refined my style with this new approach.

Jacket - Vintage (similar) | Jumper - Next (link) | Skirt - Shein (link)* | Boots - Primark (similar) | Bag - Primark (similar)

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Ever since first purchasing this cardigan from my ol' faithful, that is Nasty Gal, it has been one of those items which I am constantly reaching for to add a (warm) yet 'effortless' vibe to an outfit. I also love how it is not black (for once) and saying that can instantly lift an all-black-outfit in a matter of seconds.

Cardigan - Nasty Gal (sold out - similar here) | Top - Topshop (link) | Jeans - Primark (similar here) | Bag - Zara (similar) | Boots - Primark (similar here)


*Post in collaboration with Kipling*

Sometimes when the temperature drops to 3ºC it's time to bulk up on layers and thermals and bring out those oversized cosy knits, which you've been storing away for when you certainly feel a drop in temperatures. I picked up this new knitted addition in H&M the other week (unfortunately it's not available online but I've linked a similar version) and was completely smitten for its cosy nature and vintage-esque print. It also is a go-to piece where I want to 'pair-down' my leather flares, as there's no denying that these trousers are quite a statement when worn as the centre attraction for an outfit, and I've also decided to pair it with another new accessory addition which comes in the form of this Kipling Art Mini Tote Bag in Shocking Black, as it's practical enough for everyday yet goes perfectly with this simple colour palette.

Jumper - H&M (similar) | Trousers - Topshop (limited sizes - link) | Bag - Kipling (link)* | Boots - Primark (similar here)


The leather jacket. Where do I even begin to declare my love for such an item?! You've shielded me from all those dreaded downpours, you're versatility allows you to become the perfect layering piece and you have a tendency to make any outfit 'look' 100%  cooler than it ever set out to be. You're the sort of piece that comes in a variety of shapes and styles, that has ultimately led me to accumulate more than I never knew I needed-not that I'm complaining. Your vintage sisters are some of favourite to collect out of you all, as there is something idealistic about owning a vintage / worn / 'loved' version of you.

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Jacket - Vintage (similar) | Top - Shein * (link) | Jeans - Topshop (similar) | Boots - Primark (similar)

This post features gifted (*) items & affiliate links.

The classic autumn tone of 'rust', has been one which I have been incorporating more and more into my wardrobe over these past couple of months, and evidently my hair as of late (stage 1. of going blonde). This jumper from Shein is definitely a new wardrobe favourite of mine as I love how it is such a versatile piece of clothing yet incredibly warm and (for once) practical too. Although trust me to pair it with a mini skirt and over the knee boots (minus tights) on a pretty chilly day photo shooting.

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Jumper - Shein (link)* | Skirt - Next (link) | Boots - Primark (similar) | Bag - Primark (similar)

This post features gifted (*) items & affiliate links.


Inspiration can often be ones of those things that you find your lacking when it comes to your personal style, especially (if like me) you find your style constantly evolving and developing over time. The blog archives are evidence of this. Sourcing inspiration is what I like to call a minefield, as there's no denying that it can come from anywhere. With that being said Pinterest is my current - go - to for this, but specifically I've been taking a hell lot of inspo. from those french girls who look so darn effortless and chic 24/7. Besides from the fact that it's making me want to pack up and move to Paris asap, the french way of dressing has truly besotted me, hence why the basket bag (á la Jane Birkin) has yet to leave my arm - despite the weather change.

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Top - Shein (link)* | Trousers - Topshop (limited sizes- link. Similar here) | Bag - Zara (similar) | Boots - H&M (similar)