The Asos Prom Dress

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When a email popped into my inbox from the lovely people over at asos, saying that I was one of the lucky insiders to be a part of the 'Prom Dress' feature. I 'squealed' with joy, as I'm sure you all know by now that I have a *slight* obsession with dresses. I decided to go for this 50's inspired number, due to my new found love of pastels (hello pale pink dip dye, peeping through...) and how I've got a fair few ideas up my sleeve on how to style it.  

When I typically think of prom dresses, in general, or look back at my 'experiences' of prom. Big, neon, 'cupcake' like creations come to mind. Yep - I've seen a fair few in my time! But thankfully high street brands have been pulling out all the stops as of late, especially asos- with there wide range of dresses at affordable prices. Prom dresses are now becoming 'on-trend' and 'wearable' pieces, with out the need to break the bank. That's right you don't have to feel the need to look like a 'giant cupcake' no more. Hallelujah! Especially with prom season soon blooming, the options in finding the 'perfect dress' are endless.

P.S.  A while back I did a interview over at Manchester Fashion Network, if you haven't already have a read of it here!

Dress - Asos (link)* | T-Shirt - Old | Necklace - Ziba (link)* | Bag - Primark (old) | Shoes - Topshop | Sunglasses - Asos
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  1. ah this is beautsss ! love everything about this, so dreamy and perfect

  2. Ah what a beautiful dress, Peaches! Love how you've teamed it with a t-shirt and those looovely dainty little shoes! x

  3. Stunning photos! I love the scenery SO much xo

  4. Fabulous dress!! xx

  5. Thank you- I'm in love with the colour too! x


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