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The "Weekend Pamper" is the ultimate way to get into relaxation mode, on those all important days off. Sometimes taking a bit of time out and treating yourself can be the best 'pick-me-up'. Whether that's running a hot bath to treating you talons to a mani. Here are a few of my favourite products that I like to use to help me 'unwind'.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel (link)
From a quick glance (at this post) you might of guessed that I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop. Their products are a household favourite that never seem to disappoint, and this Shower Gel is no exception. When getting into 'relaxation mode' I always love to use shower/body products that smell amazing. The strawberry scent is one of my favourites, from the brand, as well as the formula nourishing your skin thanks to the 'strawberry seed oil''.

Mudd Clay Facemask (link) & Peel-Off Mask (link)*
Whenever I'm having those "bad skin days"- when everything seems to erupt on your face with no warning, I like to use a face mask of some kind to help calm it all down. Mudd Clay Facemasks are one of those products that I can trust, and feel as though I can turn to when on those said days. Like a loyal best friend really.
Peel-Off masks always take me back to those sleepovers you would have with your nearest and dearest. Besides from the copious amounts of junk food and rom-coms to satisfy, there would always be the friend who bought all the make-up and beauty products i.e. facemasks. To be honest there's nothing like 'peeling your face off' (quite literally) for a laugh, whilst clarifying your skin in the process.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish (link
As previously mentioned I'm truly addicted to anything strawberry scented from TBS and this Body Polish is another one of my favourites from the brand. It's a great way to remove of all that nasty dry skin, to reveal a something soft and silkier! Used in conjunction with the "Shower Gel", smelling like a strawberry never felt so good.

A-Derma NUTRIALBA Rich Nourishing Face Cream (link)*
Once washed and refreshed, there's nothing like slathering your face (and body) in cream to hydrate and moisturise your skin- for some added TLC.  I prefer to use this on certain areas of my face and neck, as I only suffer from a few dry patches around my face. Scent wise this smells amazing- almost rose like, but not overpowering. I also love how it's "Non-Comedogenic" as finding a moisturising face cream, that doesn't break me out, is so hard to find. Yet this moisturiser works perfectly well with my skin type-score!

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter (link)
Another cult favourite from The Body Shop are their "Body Butter's". With a wide range of fragrances and formulas to suit all skin types, you almost feel like a kid in a sweet shop picking out your ' Body Butter Delight'.  The thick consistency works well in softening your skin whilst leaving behind a delectable scent, whisking you away into some tropical paradise that you could only dream of escaping to. The Coconut fragrance has more of a subtle aroma, compared to the others on offer, yet it still leaves you with a subtle hint of its "summer-like" scent.

Essie "Fiji" Nail Polish (link)
Essie Fiji- where do we begin our love affair? Well lets whisk back to the year of 2012 where I first laid my eyes on you, in all your pastel pink glory. Worn to death since, it has become a all time favourite of mine. A shade that has 'sophisticated' written all over it and a formula that lasts chip free for a good five days.  Sometimes there's no better way to end a pamper then with a coat of this dream.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of my favourite products I like to use to "unwind". Let me know your favourites below!
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Macaroons. Where I do I begin. My first macaroon 'experience' was when I came across those incredible displays a la Laudree. Just imagine towers of pastel coloured shades enticing you in, with their sugary delight. Drooling over their displays has become a tradition of mine- every time I walk past one of their stores I simply cannot resist a peek inside. Whether that's to find out what new flavours they have in store or discovering their latest collaborations.

That being said, and feeling rather inspired, I felt like I had to give them ago to see if I could re-create those pastel coloured delights.  In all honesty my 'first attempt' was a complete (and utter) fail. Too much over mixing resulted into a burnt pancake shape mess- not blog worthy. Still I didn't let this 'slip-up' stop me from having another go.

Further more I give you my second attempt. Despite them not being up to "Laduree" standards quite yet, I am pretty darn happy with how they turned out. Yes some have slight cracks, but others actually resemble a macaroon shape (success). Not a 'flat pancake' in sight. I decided to fill mine with a mix of strawberry jam and lemon curd (not together). Though taste is definitely for those with a 'sweeter tooth'.

I followed a recipe online (link here), which is full of useful tips and tricks. As well as "trouble shooting" those macaroon disasters, which you can look at here, in the order to achieve 'perfection'. There's also a nut-free version which you can look at here.

So what have I learn't (from this "experience)?:

  • Over mixing can result into DISASTER.
  • A girl can only dream of creating macaroons a la Laduree.
  • Watch them like a 'hawk' - burnt macaroons aren't pretty.
  • Lastly practice makes perfect!
It's fair to say that this macaroon business is a tricky one!
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It's soon becoming that time of the year again where we find ourselves donning those floral head crowns and pulling on the ol' wellington boots. Whether your going to enjoy the music or (also) to see/embrace festival fashion, that Coachella made us envy. Packing can be one of the 'trickiest' aspects to cover from what clothes to take to how many lipsticks does a girl need for 3 days?!

So to help cover the beauty side, I've compiled a collection of products that are both fuss-free and easy to use. Making the 'festival experience' that much more enjoyable. One product which isn't featured is that all important suncream, because (lets face it) no one wants to be walking around looking like a 'lobster' for the weekend.

A-DERMA SENSIFLUID Cleansing Water £13* (buy here)
This nifty product can be used to take off both your eye and face make-up, so you needn't take a separate eye-make-up remover to do the job. Making it easy to use when you've been dancing to your favourite band till the early hours. The no-rinse, gentle cleansing formula makes your skin feel decongested and seriously soft, due to containing ingredients like 'Witch Hazel' and 'Rhealba Oat' extract.
Just apply to a cotton pad and simply swipe all over your face. To cleanse and remove the make-up and dirt, from day, leaving a beautifully cleansed face for some much needed rest.
If you don't fancy carry around the full size bottle, why not decant as much as you need into one of those travel bottles, to make packing lighter.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry in travel size available at Boots (buy here)
No festival beauty kit is complete without a travel size dry shampoo. Batiste are a brand known for their iconic dry shampoos, with scents and formulas to suit everyones tastes and hair preferences. Spritz a tad of this to your roots to freshen up your hair but also add texture and volume. At £1.99 you can't really go wrong.

TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray in travel size (available at asda)
If there's one hair product I can't live out, it has to be the classic hairspray. The ultimate multi-tasker in my eyes. From taming unruly manes to holding "the do" in place,  as well as adding texture- hello "beachy waves". This product can save you from those bad hair days, so you can just sit back and enjoy the music.

Face Wipes (buy here)
Festivals can get hot and sticky, with water not always being easy reachable. Just remember wipes are your friends, that can save you from numerous situations.

Soft & Gentle Spray Deodorant in "Orange Blossom & Grapefruit" £1.89 (buy here) or Roll On in "Verbena and Waterlily" £1.29 (link) *
Without saying deodorant is an obvious must for anyone. Soft & Gentle have just re-launched their loyal anti-perspiant deodorants, with an exciting, revitalised range. The scent smells amazing, whether you prefer something citrus and fruity- Orange Blossom & Grapefruit. Or something lighter and floral like Verbena and Waterlily.  Long lasting 48hour protection, free from white/yellow marks  which is super kind to your skin. What more could you ask for?

A-DERMA Rheacalm Light Soothing Cream* (buy here)
Once you've taken off your make-up, I always like to use a face cream to hydrate and calm down my skin. Especially if you've been in the sun all day. This product can soothe and cool your skin down instantly. I also find it works well as a base for my foundation as there's no left-over residue in addition to making my make-up apply more seamlessly.

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OriginsVitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting Moisturizer- sample size (buy here- full size
When comes to your make up base to start the day, I'm always on the hunt for a product that does it all- laziness maybe? A product that moisturises with a adding a tint of coverage. The OriginsVitaZing does just that. Applied as a white cream that magically releases a 'sheer tint', that adds a healthy glow (and protects) one's skin. Or if this product is slightly out your budget try the Maybelline Foundation Dream Pure BB Cream, priced at £6.99. It adds slightly more coverage, contains SPF 15 and works well for oily skin types.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray- travel size (buy here- full size)
As a oily skin gal I am forever on the look out for that 'miracle product' that keeps the shine at bay, all day- no pun intended. As well as also keeping my make-up from sliding off my face, because lets face it: hot (sweaty) tent + made-up face = make-up meltdown. Not a good look. Another thing I love to do is spray it all over my face, throughout the day, to keep it looking 'revitalised' and 'fresh'. It also acts as an instant 'cool-down'.

Nivea Smooth and Protect SPF 15 Lip Balm (similar-buy here)
Another must to keep your lips from drying out if the sun is shining, and being a budget buy it doesn't break the bank either.

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in "Sweet Tart" (buy here)
When it comes to make-up you don't really want to be nestled away for hours in your tent applying it, instead of enjoying the music and atmosphere. That's where this lipstick comes in. A gorgeous hot pink shade, that's long-lasting, extremely pigmented and can be applied in a matter of seconds. Did I mention it's only £2.99!! Bright lipstick is your answer to looking like you've made an 'effort', when really only a few seconds were spared. You could also add a dab to your cheeks, if you don't fancy bringing a blusher. A sneaky multi-tasker!

Whether you're going to Glastonbury or a local music festival, let me know what your must-haves are- as I would love to know!