The Baking Series: Macaroons

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Macaroons. Where I do I begin. My first macaroon 'experience' was when I came across those incredible displays a la Laudree. Just imagine towers of pastel coloured shades enticing you in, with their sugary delight. Drooling over their displays has become a tradition of mine- every time I walk past one of their stores I simply cannot resist a peek inside. Whether that's to find out what new flavours they have in store or discovering their latest collaborations.

That being said, and feeling rather inspired, I felt like I had to give them ago to see if I could re-create those pastel coloured delights.  In all honesty my 'first attempt' was a complete (and utter) fail. Too much over mixing resulted into a burnt pancake shape mess- not blog worthy. Still I didn't let this 'slip-up' stop me from having another go.

Further more I give you my second attempt. Despite them not being up to "Laduree" standards quite yet, I am pretty darn happy with how they turned out. Yes some have slight cracks, but others actually resemble a macaroon shape (success). Not a 'flat pancake' in sight. I decided to fill mine with a mix of strawberry jam and lemon curd (not together). Though taste is definitely for those with a 'sweeter tooth'.

I followed a recipe online (link here), which is full of useful tips and tricks. As well as "trouble shooting" those macaroon disasters, which you can look at here, in the order to achieve 'perfection'. There's also a nut-free version which you can look at here.

So what have I learn't (from this "experience)?:

  • Over mixing can result into DISASTER.
  • A girl can only dream of creating macaroons a la Laduree.
  • Watch them like a 'hawk' - burnt macaroons aren't pretty.
  • Lastly practice makes perfect!
It's fair to say that this macaroon business is a tricky one!
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  1. These are such lovely photos! I also had a go at making macaroons this afternoon, which ended up much better on my second attempt too! Emma xo

  2. My first - and only - attempt failed too and left me with strange crispy pink blobs. At least they had the pink going for them! These look so delicious, will try that recipe link next time and my next batch will hopefully turn out just as good. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much Emma! I'm so glad your second attempt was better too :) x

  4. Thank you Rose! I definitely recommend the recipe as it's so easy to follow, plus it's full of extremely helpful tips :) I'm sorry to hear about your first attempt- that's exactly what happened to me!!
    Good luck with your second attempt though x


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