The Nostalgic Dress

1topshopdress, floral, lace, summer, retro style 2topshopdress, floral, lace, summer, retro style 3topshopdress, floral, lace, summer, retro style 4topshopdress, floral, lace, summer, retro style 5topshopdress, floral, lace, summer, retro style 6topshopdress, floral, lace, summer, retro style
Sometimes there are those pieces which seem to get "lost" amongst the "hustle and bustle" of ones' wardrobe. Never quite knowing when they will see the light of day again. It's a funny thing really. Once a item which you were in love with and therefore wearing at every occasion possible. To becoming one that's merely forgotten-or a new addition to the 'floor-drobe'.
Whilst rummaging through the archives (aka my wardrobe!) I came across this lace number, which was first seen on my blog a while back. It almost nostalgic to look back at that very first blog post (without that infamous hat) and how significant this dress has become. But also to see how both styles (and hair colours) have changed and shifted since then.  That's one of the reasons why I love blogging, as it becomes a "snapshot" of that particular moment in time. One which lasts forever (or until the internet is no more). Yet being one to look forward in life (hardly ever at the past), it thrills me to see what future snapshots will be captured on this humble ol' blog.

Dress - Topshop | Bag - Kate Spade | Sandals - Zara | Sunglasses - asos

7topshopdress, floral, lace, summer, retro style


  1. Ahh I LOVE this dress! You look gorrrgeous! Have a really similar one with short sleeves that I have also forgotten about. Definitely going to bring that back to life again xx

    Julia in Disguise

  2. Such a cute look ! I love the bag so much !


  3. I can totally relate to once loved clothes becoming hidden in your wardrobe and being forgotten about. Although, you get to rediscover them which is always good! I love the colour of this dress!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. Looking lovely as ever, Peaches! I love coming across old things you'd forgotten about as it's like getting something for nothing, and when it's as pretty as this lace dress you really are getting the best of all situations xx Rebecca

  5. Aww! Thank you so much Julia :) I love the sound of your dress x

  6. Thank you Alice! I'm glad I'm not the only one "re-discovering" the 'forgotten'! x

  7. Thank you so much Rebecca :) Exactly!! I love how it is for nothing! x


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