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When it comes to my make-up routine, I'm the kinda girl who tends to stick to the same products daily. My go-to 'look' normally consists of some sort-of winged out cat-eye and whatever nude lipstick I can grab my hands on, before I rush out the door-often looking at the sixties for inspiration.  I'm not going to lie I'm lazy when it comes to applying makeup. I tend to use (and repurchase) the products that I know won't make me look like a "panda eyed monster," with half her foundation 'fallen' down her face.
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The Face
Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50* (link)
Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream for Oily Skin in " Ivory" (link)
VICHY Derma Blend Corrective Foundation in "Opal" (link)
Sleek Contour Palette in "Light" (link)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in "Fair" (link)
Rimmel London Stay Matt Pressed Powder in "Translucent" (link)

I start off by applying some sort of protection which happens to be in the form of the Avene SPF 50 cream. A non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic formula which protects my pale skin from the sun. It's also a non-greasy formula which works well especially with having oil/acne prone skin (the bane of my life) as there's no left over residue.

For coverage I recently opted to using a BB cream (late on the bandwagon?) But after watching a Lisa Eldridge video (make-up genius) she suggested that instead of using a heavy coverage foundation all over your face-when in fact some areas of skin need little to no concealing. Try a something lighter, than go back with a fuller coverage product for the those "problematic areas".
That's where the Vichy Derma Blend comes in. For a person who used to suffer from severe acne, this product was "god-send".  Especially when I used to apply this product all over my face, in order to feel confident enough to step out my front door.  Sadly acne does that too you. Now I just use it on the areas that are "clearing-up," as a little goes a long way.  But with having sensitive skin, the Derma Blend doesn't irritate it or make it unbelievably itchy. Unlike a lot of foundations aimed at acne suffers do.

I also like to use the Collection concealer to 'brighten-up' my under-eyes, as again it's quick to use and long-lasting. I then 'set' my make up with a pressed powder and this one from Rimmel does the trick! To add a tad of warmth to my skin, and make me look less like an extra from Twilight, a quick sweep of bronzer (which is matt) along my cheekbones and temples adds "sun-kissed glow". I also love to use this palette as an eye-shadow combination as the highlighter adds a gorgeous 'natural' looking (non-white and frosty) sheen to your skin, as well as the bronzer bringing out the blue in my eyes.

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Rimmel London Waterproof Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in "Black" (link)
Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara in "Waterproof Black" (USA link) (UK link)
Medicated Chapstick (link)
Covergirl Lipperfection Lipcolour in "Creme Creme" (USA link) 
Mac Lipstick in "Hue" (link)

As a keen liquid liner advocate-not a day goes without sporting that "feline-flick".  I'm forever on the look out for the ultimate eyeliner that ticks all those important boxes-that is also purse-friendly. For me this one by Rimmel is my current go-to. I don't know about you but for me a lot of liquid eyeliners fail in either the intensity of the line or the longevity a.k.a will it keep me "panda-eye" free throughout the day?  I find this one to be both intensely black but also incredibly long wearing-not a smudge in sight.
On the theme of "long lasting products" a new discovery of mine is this Covergirl "Flamed Out" mascara, which I picked up on my recent trip to the States, and to be honest I kinda regret not buying another. I love the way that it slightly wings out my lashes, due to it's curved wand, as well as adding definition.  One thing I would say is that it's not 'truly' waterproof , however for everyday wear it's perfect and isn't a pain to remove either.

Lips wise I love a good nude lipstick, as for me it's one of those shades which I don't have to worry about it smudging down my face every time I eat (which is a lot!)
My top two picks are Mac "Hue" that, as you can probably tell, has been well loved. A shade that's more on 'pinky side' of the nude spectrum, wears beautifully on the lips and has a slight sheen. That makes it feel natural to wear as well as smelling like vanilla (YUM). What more could a girl ask for in a lipstick? Next up is another Covergirl purchase-a similar shade to Mac 'Hue,' but slightly more beige toned and pigmented. A great "handbag lipstick" in my books, as you don't even need a mirror apply it.

Let me know your make-up bag must-haves below, or links to you blog posts of your everyday make-up products!
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There is something about the print on this playsuit, from the Australian brand Reverse. That makes it appear so delicate, with the placing of the flowers across the hem and sleeves. Almost as though someone has 'scattered' them spontaneously over the piece. Then there's the crochet back. A subtle detail that adds an unexpected touch to the feminine design.  It was actually only by chance that we came across these beds of vibrant heather, that coincidentally paired all too well with the print.

Playsuit-Reverse* (link) | Bag - Kate Spade | Sunglasses - Asos
8reverseplaysuit, floral, fashion, crochet, style
1denim, smock dress, lace collar , diy, vintage style double, smock dress, lace collar , diy, vintage style 2denim, smock dress, lace collar , diy, vintage style 7denim, smock dress, lace collar , diy, vintage style 6denim, smock dress, lace collar , diy, vintage style
This smock came into my life a couple of months ago. Despite being a item which is a "regular wearer" in the wardrobe, for me it was missing that extra something. So whilst I was rummaging through the fabric "mound" (I'm a hoarder when it comes to frills and trimmings), I came across this lace collar- taken from an old vintage dress of mine. In fact as soon as I popped this over that ever-so-plain looking neckline, the piece was instantly revived again. Almost as though it felt "complete".

If there's one thing I love about styling it's "re-inventing" the pieces which need a new lease of life. Mixing the old with the new.  Sometimes the best inexpensive way to rekindle a love for a old piece of clothing, is to add a few of those small details. Whether thats a lace trimming round the cuff or even adding a fresh set of fun looking buttons to a old jacket.

So the next time you decide to throw out that piece of clothing that you're "bored" with. Ask yourself "Can you add a little 'extra something' to salvage it?"

Denim Smock - Primark (lace collar diy) | Bag - Kate Spade | Headband - Monki | Shoes - Topshop | Watch - Casio | Nail Polish - Models Own "Beths Blue"

8denim, smock dress, lace collar , diy, vintage style