Reinventing the Smock

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This smock came into my life a couple of months ago. Despite being a item which is a "regular wearer" in the wardrobe, for me it was missing that extra something. So whilst I was rummaging through the fabric "mound" (I'm a hoarder when it comes to frills and trimmings), I came across this lace collar- taken from an old vintage dress of mine. In fact as soon as I popped this over that ever-so-plain looking neckline, the piece was instantly revived again. Almost as though it felt "complete".

If there's one thing I love about styling it's "re-inventing" the pieces which need a new lease of life. Mixing the old with the new.  Sometimes the best inexpensive way to rekindle a love for a old piece of clothing, is to add a few of those small details. Whether thats a lace trimming round the cuff or even adding a fresh set of fun looking buttons to a old jacket.

So the next time you decide to throw out that piece of clothing that you're "bored" with. Ask yourself "Can you add a little 'extra something' to salvage it?"

Denim Smock - Primark (lace collar diy) | Bag - Kate Spade | Headband - Monki | Shoes - Topshop | Watch - Casio | Nail Polish - Models Own "Beths Blue"

8denim, smock dress, lace collar , diy, vintage style


  1. That lace collar makes the smock look so expensive, I love it.

  2. Adorable look and pictures !


  3. Smock dresses are something I've never felt I could pull off. But you lovely pull them off so well it's like they were made for you! I really love how you've paired the collar with it, very sweet. And your hair looks so pretty too.

  4. Aw! Thank you so much Lucy :) x

  5. lovely dress:) you really made it look great with that collar! (love collars anyway, esp. lace) :)

  6. Thank you so much Susan! I have a love for collars too :) x


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