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There's something almost nostalgic about capturing your favourite moments and displaying them onto an item which you practically use 24/7. So when the people over at CASEAPP asked me if I wanted to create a personalise iPhone case, you could only imagine my delight when I jumped at the chance to design one. With some of my 'favourite memories' in mind I thought I would compile some of my photos from the one trip that made me fall in love with the West Coast. Los Angeles. Filled with sunshine, warmth and laughter. Everytime I look down at the phone case, I reminisce over those moments which instantly bring a smile to my face. From a variety of collages to choose from and cases to suit most phone models. They make the perfect gift for your friends or family, or even for yourself-as there's nothing like putting those "memorable" photos to good use.

Hat - H&M | Top - H&M (similar link) | Skirt - Asos (link) | Customised iPhone Case - CASEAPP* (link) | Boots - Topshop | Bag - Dorothy Perkins (old)

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Zoe Sherwood wearing a Zoe Sherwood Head Piece (link)
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I thought I'd share with you some of the street style photos I took for my Uni assignment, down on day 4 of London Fashion Week. It was my first ever experience of LFW and it was one of those moments where I just soaked in the atmosphere of the place and just took it all in. I constantly found myself drawing inspiration from a whole bunch of different outfits, that I saw around the Somerset House. In fact I went back for the final day, to take another load of photos, as one day just wasn't enough for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I'm definitely planning on going back in the spring, for a whole new season of street style. Be sure not to miss part two of my LFW Street Style series, up next week on the blog!
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(Photo Above) From L-R: 40 "Glazed Colbalt", 20 "Vivid Vermillion", 30 "Twinkling Pink", 45 "Gleaming Teal" & 35 "Lacquered Violet"
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Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer £7.99 (link)*
The latest editions to the Max Factor make-up range are their Gel Shine nail polishes, promising to give a smooth, high shine finish that is long wearing allowing your nails to stay chip-free for longer. With a vibrant shade range, from autumn reds to vibrant colbalts. To even each of the shades being inspired by a decade of glamour, right from those 1950's red's to 90's burgundy's. These nail polishes are quick becoming a favourite accessory of mine this autumn/winter.

So I put them through the test of the daily wear and tear, and can say they lasted just under a week. With the days of "streaky" nail polish gone when you've tested these. Seriously though, some of these shades only needed one  ("Twinkling Pink" & "Glazed Colbalt") to two coats ("Vivid Vermillion","Gleaming Teal" & 35 "Lacquered Violet") to achieve a highly pigmented colour! As well as offering a gel-like finish without the price tag. You can't really go wrong with a purse friendly nail polish that can instantly add a sense of retro glamour to any ol' outfit.
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Max Factor Skin Luminzer Foundation (link)*

Glowing skin, natural looking, medium coverage and skincare benefits. So this is the latest offering from Max Factor. It perfects the 'barely there' appearance of make up but by still giving a decent amount of coverage, through evening out your skin tone and correcting imperfections. In fact it was the foundation used for the models skin, at the Victoria Beckham AW14 Show (by make-up maestro Pat McGrath). To be honest I was at first sceptical by the use of  the word"glow," as I had an image in my head of the product adding to my oily skin.  However that's where it proved me wrong, as I 'road tested' it on my daily tube commute-hard-core make-up testing I tell ya'. Which if you've experienced is a (very) sweaty/sticky place where make-up goes to melt off your face-quite literally really.

When first applied, I used a real techniques stippling brush, I found it blends seamlessly well into my skin and feels very light. Coverage wise it covers my redness and blemishes fairly well, though I do need to go back in with a heavier coverage concealer to touch-up those areas. With the colour range limited to six shades, I was surprised to find that "Light Ivory" matched my skin near-to-perfect. Pale skins gals' will know that when it comes to matching your skin tone, with your foundation, it can sometimes be near to impossible. As they always seem to have a slight orange tinge to them, or even (thanks to my oily skin) turn orange throughout the day.

Now to the important part. "So did it hold up with the daily commute?" I hear you ask. Well actually it did-pretty well in fact. Throughout the day I did need to blot the t-zone, but that's pretty normal for me with foundations. However besides from that I can *proudly* say that it has become a welcomed edition to ones make-up bag.  Anyway if it's good enough for NYFW show, it's good enough for me.
With September now upon us, I feel like I can finally start sporting those autumn/winter pieces in full swing, which included drooling over the trends to come this season. I've been eyeing up these faux fur gilet's ever since they first hit the catwalk. So it came as a surprise that whilst I was browsing my local Primark I came across this "fluffy"/"faux-shearling" piece, that came in at only £13 *GASP!*. Needless to say it swiftly entered my basket and hasn't left my back since. I'm finding it's perfect for this "in-between" weather, that we've been experiencing as of late, as you can just throw it on any ol' outfit for added warmth (and "fluffy-ness").

Todays outfit consisted of throwing this 'fluffy number' with a latest sale purchase of mine, which were these Topshop trousers placed in the sale at only £10.  In fact I've been eyeing up a pair of cigarette style trousers ever since spotting them on the Orla Kiely website (=HEAVEN). However it was a strange twist of fate as I was also on the look out for a blue pair, and there they were. In all their blue glory, placed next to these beige ones, priced again at £10. I guess they don't call it "shoppers luck" for nothing! 
Hat-H&M  | Jumper-Primark | Trousers-Topshop (sale) | Gilet-Primark | Bag-Kate Spade | Shoes-Topshop