LFW Street Style Day 4

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Zoe Sherwood wearing a Zoe Sherwood Head Piece (link)
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I thought I'd share with you some of the street style photos I took for my Uni assignment, down on day 4 of London Fashion Week. It was my first ever experience of LFW and it was one of those moments where I just soaked in the atmosphere of the place and just took it all in. I constantly found myself drawing inspiration from a whole bunch of different outfits, that I saw around the Somerset House. In fact I went back for the final day, to take another load of photos, as one day just wasn't enough for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I'm definitely planning on going back in the spring, for a whole new season of street style. Be sure not to miss part two of my LFW Street Style series, up next week on the blog!

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  1. some of these looks are so pretty !




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