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Logo t-shirts have been a new(ish) addition to my wardrobe ever since I laid my hands on my first band-tee. In fact they've become one of those pieces I see myself going for when I want to "dress down" an outfit, like pairing with a 50's style midi skirt in todays post. The new "Blogger" t-shirt inspired collection, from Lush T-shirts, is one which is filled with "classic" blog quotes and eye-catching designs.
I'm in love with my "Blog Off" tee, from the collection, as I'm obsessed with the font they used (typography geek) and the cartoonist element that the slogan has.  It's a piece which I can see myself pairing with a simple pair of black skinnies to a full-on metallic pleated skirt (see previous outfit for details). It has easily become a staple in one's wardrobe and if you haven't already, then do check out the "Blogger Range" of t-shirts from Lush T-Shirts, to see which one takes your fancy!

T-Shirt - Lush T-Shirts* (link) | Skirt - Topshop via eBay (bargain!-link) | Hat - H&M | Boots - Topshop | Bag - Dorothy Perkins


  1. I absolutely adore this outfit, will definitely be heading over to check out the other tees from the range. It's me all over - especially with the black skinnies, but this looks so cool with the skirt and boots!
    Rebecca-Louise, <a href="</a>

  2. That's so nice, I love your skirt it's such a nice style and colour! Abi :)


  3. You look super cute ! Love the outfit !


  4. I absolutely love this, the t-shirt is everything!

  5. The pop of colour is just right! Awesome outfit

  6. My house is right by that bridge! I really love the colour of this midi skirt and the texture is so unusual but looks so good.

  7. Thank you so much Rebecca-Louise! Their t-shirts are so cool-definitely have a look :) x

  8. Thank you Dora! I'm obsessed with this bag at the moment :) x

  9. It's such a cool location! Thank you Katy :) x


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