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First off I apologise for suddenly "dropping off the universe" for nearly two weeks-unexpectedly, but these past weeks have been incredibly busy filled with uni work etc=little blogging time :( However that being said I've had a bit of time to catch up on blogging activities queue outfit photo taking, blog typing and email replying.
So what has changed in these past two weeks?! Well my hair is slowly fading back to blonde...bye bye mermaid locks, although I think I've eyed up my next shade of 'My Little Pony' hair, so watch this space. Talking of space I've also become OBSESSED with 'Space Grunge' recently, in fact I've dedicated a pin board to it, as I'm truly inspired by everything from the clothes to the hair/make-up.
I even feel as though I am slowly turning my wardrobe into pastel rainbow coloured, space gear. So if I start looking as though I've just hopped off a space craft anytime soon, don't blame me. To be honest it was only a matter of time...

Coat - Primark | Jumper - Nana Peaches | Skirt - boohoo.com | Bag - Kate Spade | Boots - Topshop
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When the leaves start to turn shades of burnt amber and scatter the pathways-with that added chill in the air, you soon come to realise that the "layering-season" (*ahem* autumn) has made its long awaited arrival. With layering top on my list, when it comes to planning outfits as of late, there is nothing like feeling *cosy* under, oversized jumpers and cardigans. This blanket cape, from BritFash, is perfect for just that as you literally 'throw' it over any ol' outfit for that added autumn touch. I am obsessed with the aztec print as it embodies that whole effortless, boho vibe that I love to channel every so often. In addition to becoming a statement piece in itself, as this trend-worthy coat can instantly add something unexpected, to the most basic outfits.

Knitted Blanket Coat - Brit Fash *currently on sale* (link)* | Faux Leather Overalls - H&M *Sale* | Roll Neck Jumper - M&S | Hat - H&M | Bag - Kate Spade | Boots - Topshop

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Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara* (link)
When it comes to high-street/drugstore mascara brands, you really can't beat the quality and value of Max Factor. I'm just obsessed with them! The latest offering from the brand is called the "Masterpiece Transform" and promises to offer maximum impact lashes, in just one coat. It does this through its' unique wand with rows of rotating bristles capturing and coating every lash-clump free. It really does give that wow effect. Besides from being extremely easy and quick to apply, in order to achieve dramatic lashes, the formula also stays put all day. I always find this to be the one 'downfall' when it comes to non-waterproof mascaras, however every one I've tried from Max Factor (non-waterproof formulas), so far, has had incredible staying power and doesn't flake off during the day. It is safe to say that this product has undoubtedly made its way into my everyday make up bag.

max_factor_eyeshadow1, Max Factor_Excess_Shimmer_Eyeshadow, beauty, blogger, review max_factor_eyeshadow2, Max Factor_Excess_Shimmer_Eyeshadow, beauty, blogger, review max_factor_eyeshadow3, Max Factor_Excess_Shimmer_Eyeshadow, beauty, blogger, review max_factor_eyeshadow4, Max Factor_Excess_Shimmer_Eyeshadow, beauty, blogger, review
Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow (From top to bottom) "Pearl", "Copper", "Bronze" & "Onyx"* (link)

Another new addition to the 'Max Factor family' is these metallic, creamy eyeshadows. Now these shadows are seriously pigmented, in fact I've never come across a drug-store product like it in formula. Needing only just one sweep across your eyes for a maximum impact colour (just take a look at the swatches), due to their creamy consistency, I find them extremely easy to blend and often see myself mixing shades to create my own unique 'look'. My favourites from the bunch are definitely "copper" and "bronze" because as well as making my blue eyes 'pop', their rich colour screams luxury and adds a touch of drama to your eyes. They also make the perfect accompaniment for a party make-up look or even a festive 'do, especially with the season fast upon us. For me it is like getting the long-lasting wear and quality of a high-end product, with a small £7.99 price tag to pay-a must in my books

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Images Sourced from [1], [2], Personal Instagram & Tumblr Pages
The final phase of the Thierry Mugler campaign (re-cap on the first part here) is called #AngelAddiction which is based on the concept of a very addictive universe of "Angel". The fragrance can also take you on imaginary journeys and sensual delights, through creating a feeling of magic between the Mugler woman and the scent. So with the campaign in mind, I thought I'd share some of my most cherished addictions, through a mood board. Ranging from the past, present and future, as well as some of my dreams.

When I think of past addictions, glitter is funnily enough one of the first things that comes to mind. From thinking back I definitely had my fair share of experimental "phases" (dark/gothic phase included). As well as having a "glitter-eyeliner moment" when all I would wear was some shade of glitter on ones' face. I was addicted to the stuff... Remember those silver glitter lipsticks you would find in those kids make-up sets? I owned a fair few, and truth be told that lipstick played a huge part in creating my "glittery look".  

Another past addiction was "My Little Pony", which I think has contributed to my latest "addiction" of pastel, coloured hair. My obsession with immersing myself into a magical universe, playing dress-up, was one that stemmed from getting lost in the world of My Little Pony and Disney Princess characters. Mumma Peaches would often recall me dressing up in Disney Princess costumes, when I was little, often just to go shopping or to the park-with tiara and plastic, fluffy heels in tow.

As previously mentioned, and some of you might of noticed, I am ADDICTED to pastel coloured hair! Hence the recent hair re-vamp into a "mermaid creation". There's something surreal about the idea of having hair the shades of candy floss and mythical creatures. In fact a lilac/pink shade is definitely next on list of colours to try, hence why I am looking at My Little Pony for inspiration.

Future dreams consist of living in the LA sunshine, as ever since I visited the place I've dreamt about it daily. Obviously filled with a house full of pugs and exotic short hair cats-the cutest animals EVER! Because sometimes happiness can be found by filling your house with ridiculously cute animals, that you're addicted to one day owning...

Alongside the campaign Thierry Mugler want to find out what your #AngelAddictions are, by sharing them with the hashtag on your social media pages as they would love to know! 

Keep up to date with the Thierry Mugler  #AngelAddictions campaign on their Facebook | Twitter | Instagram accounts.

Post done in collaboration with Thierry Mugler.

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Ever since coming across photos of the latest 'space-grunge' street style trend, I've been obsessed with owning intergalactic inspired clothing ever since. I even created a whole pinterest mood board dedicated to the trend here. So when the release of the new "Distant Galaxies" collection by Yumi Direct  popped into by inbox it was like the stars a joined, and my fashion prayers of owning something space-age came true. *Hallelujah* This mac, from the collection, was the one piece that instantly caught my eye with it's' striking colour and metallic fabric, to the unicorn (yes unicorn) patterned lining. After all it has become the perfect accompaniment for this warm, rainy in-between (is it autumn??) Weather we've been experiencing, as of late. As well as fast becoming a staple in my uni wardrobe as of late, plus what better way to accompany my (now) pale turquoise hair than a bold, metallic blue jacket.

Be sure to check out Yumi Direct "Distant Galaxies" collection here, for space inspired delights. 
You can also follow them Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

"Space Mac" Jacket - Yumi Direct (link)* | Polo Neck - M&S | Skirt - Primark | Bag - Kate Spade | Hat - H&M (link
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