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The final phase of the Thierry Mugler campaign (re-cap on the first part here) is called #AngelAddiction which is based on the concept of a very addictive universe of "Angel". The fragrance can also take you on imaginary journeys and sensual delights, through creating a feeling of magic between the Mugler woman and the scent. So with the campaign in mind, I thought I'd share some of my most cherished addictions, through a mood board. Ranging from the past, present and future, as well as some of my dreams.

When I think of past addictions, glitter is funnily enough one of the first things that comes to mind. From thinking back I definitely had my fair share of experimental "phases" (dark/gothic phase included). As well as having a "glitter-eyeliner moment" when all I would wear was some shade of glitter on ones' face. I was addicted to the stuff... Remember those silver glitter lipsticks you would find in those kids make-up sets? I owned a fair few, and truth be told that lipstick played a huge part in creating my "glittery look".  

Another past addiction was "My Little Pony", which I think has contributed to my latest "addiction" of pastel, coloured hair. My obsession with immersing myself into a magical universe, playing dress-up, was one that stemmed from getting lost in the world of My Little Pony and Disney Princess characters. Mumma Peaches would often recall me dressing up in Disney Princess costumes, when I was little, often just to go shopping or to the park-with tiara and plastic, fluffy heels in tow.

As previously mentioned, and some of you might of noticed, I am ADDICTED to pastel coloured hair! Hence the recent hair re-vamp into a "mermaid creation". There's something surreal about the idea of having hair the shades of candy floss and mythical creatures. In fact a lilac/pink shade is definitely next on list of colours to try, hence why I am looking at My Little Pony for inspiration.

Future dreams consist of living in the LA sunshine, as ever since I visited the place I've dreamt about it daily. Obviously filled with a house full of pugs and exotic short hair cats-the cutest animals EVER! Because sometimes happiness can be found by filling your house with ridiculously cute animals, that you're addicted to one day owning...

Alongside the campaign Thierry Mugler want to find out what your #AngelAddictions are, by sharing them with the hashtag on your social media pages as they would love to know! 

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Post done in collaboration with Thierry Mugler.

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