Space Mac.

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Ever since coming across photos of the latest 'space-grunge' street style trend, I've been obsessed with owning intergalactic inspired clothing ever since. I even created a whole pinterest mood board dedicated to the trend here. So when the release of the new "Distant Galaxies" collection by Yumi Direct  popped into by inbox it was like the stars a joined, and my fashion prayers of owning something space-age came true. *Hallelujah* This mac, from the collection, was the one piece that instantly caught my eye with it's' striking colour and metallic fabric, to the unicorn (yes unicorn) patterned lining. After all it has become the perfect accompaniment for this warm, rainy in-between (is it autumn??) Weather we've been experiencing, as of late. As well as fast becoming a staple in my uni wardrobe as of late, plus what better way to accompany my (now) pale turquoise hair than a bold, metallic blue jacket.

Be sure to check out Yumi Direct "Distant Galaxies" collection here, for space inspired delights. 
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"Space Mac" Jacket - Yumi Direct (link)* | Polo Neck - M&S | Skirt - Primark | Bag - Kate Spade | Hat - H&M (link
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  1. Wow! That coat is fantastic and I love the lining inside too. :)

  2. That Space Mac coat is too fantastic for words!

  3. Thank you Sarah :) I'm obsessed with the unicorn lining too! x

  4. Thank you Lucy :) I'm currently in *love* with it! x


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