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BassBuds "Candy" in-ear headphones from the "Fashion Collection" (link)*

When it comes to listening to some of my favourite bands on-the-go nothing beats a quality pair of in-ear headphones, that are comfortable yet stylish to wear. This set is taken from the "Fashion Collection" range at BassBuds, offering exactly that. For those of you who don't know, BassBuds are a brand who offer high quality and high performance in-ear headphones in the worlds largest range of colours-at an affordable price. Having launched in 2011 they have gained over 11,000 fans including celebrities, musicians and supermodels among the pack.  With that in mind I thought I would share with you my thoughts on this "Candy" offering, from the brand and it is fair to say that they didn't disappoint.

With my previous experience of in ear headphones consisting of the ones that come with your iPhone, these BassBuds are miles better. First off the sound is far stronger and 'fuller,' making those tracks with a strong bass have more impact. Despite having a stronger sound you can't actually hear the music if you're standing next to a person wearing them. Which as you probably know apple headphones are notorious for-especially when you're travelling on public transport!

They are also extremely comfortable to wear, coming in a wide range of size 'buds' and spare ones for those moments when they decide to disappear into the 'black-hole' of your bag. Additionally saving your ears from any pain when you are wearing them for long periods of time, e.g a long haul flight, making them the perfect travel accessory. They also come with an extremely handy drawstring bag to keep them safe in, additionally making the 'hunt' for your headphones in your bag a lot quicker (and easy).

Finally can we just admire their beautiful design for a minute?! A rose gold coloured wire and added SWAROVSKI element crystals for that stylish touch, plus having a built in MP3 and Call controller making it easier to change tracks. They are probably the most stylish pair of in-ear headphones I have ever owned (or seen), and would definitely recommend checking them out!

P.S. Fancy yourself winning a pair? BassBuds #ShareLoveShareMusic are currently running a #24CARATCOUPLES competition (up until the 28th Feb). All you have to do is submit a photo of yourself and your partner for a chance to win a 'His & Hers' BB Valentines pack, which includes His & Hers 24ct Gold BassBuds, Harvey Nichols luxury shopping experience and Uber private car service.

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Photos taken by the lovely Renata @suchaflour.com
As I mentioned in my previous outfit post (recap here) I have recently been on a "diy roll" with re-vamping items in my wardrobe, that quite frankly I have either gotten bored with or somewhat dislike, in the hope of creating some "new creations". With this pink pleated skirt hanging 'on the railand after seeing my friend wearing Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop skirt-the one with the lilac frilly edging (too beautiful for words..). Inspiration sparked once again and off came the length of said skirt and replaced with a lace frill hem, that was actually taken off an old vintage (unworn) dress. Probably the quickest diy to do and didn't cost a penny, or break any needles either. *SCORE*

Coat - Primark | Roll-Neck Jumper - M&S | Skirt - DIY | Bag - Lazy Oaf (link) | Headband - Monki @ Asos | Choker Necklace - DIY | Boots - Topshop

6-pink-pleated-skirt 7-pink-pleated-skirt
1-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit 2-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit 4-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit 5-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit 6-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit 7-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit
There are those moments when inspiration strikes and you have to do/make something immediately, before the moment passes. That is exactly what happened when I spotted a fur trimmed skirt on Pinterest (take a look at the one that inspired me here). Feeling immediately drawn to its unusual 'touch' I simply couldn't resist making something similar myself. As (previously mentioned) I had to make it there and then, so there I was scouring my wardrobe to 1) find a suitable skirt that needed a 'fluffy' touch and 2) to find either something furry/fluffy to cut up and add to said skirt. Unfortunately fur was nowhere to be seen (or willing to be torn apart) however there was a certain blue knit 'fluffy' jumper that met my eye, and not recalling the last time I have worn it (plus being extremely pretty <3) I thought why not?! With the decision being made, I quickly cut off the arms and began pining the fabric along edge the skirt. Despite breaking two sewing needles in the process, due to the fabric being incredible thick for the machine. Desperate times people. My inspired creation was complete in a couple of hours. All I can say is expect more fluffy/pastel creations to appear in future posts-as I'm on currently on an inspiration roll.

P.S The lovely people over at BassBuds are currently running an amazing 'valentines' couples competition where you can win yourself His & Hers #24ct Gold BassBuds, Harvey Nichols shopping experience and a Uber private car service. All you have to do is upload a picture of you and your partner here! Don't forget to enter before the 28th Februrary for your chance to win some awesome prizes.

Coat - Primark | Beret - eBay (link) | Top - Primark | Skirt - River Island (diy fluffy edging) | Bag - eBay (link) | Boots - Topshop

8-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit
1 asos outfit pink hair, pastel hair, space mac 2 asos outfit pink hair, pastel hair, space mac 3 asos outfit pink hair, pastel hair, space mac 4 asos outfit pink hair, pastel hair, space mac DOUBLE asos outfit pink hair, pastel hair, space mac
If there's one item in my wardrobe that I have never really fallen out of love with it has to be this Yumi Direct 'Space Mac'. To say I am obsessed would be an understatement and the fact that the weather is getting warmer, meaning I can get some much-deserved wear out of it makes my 'obsession' for the item grow even more fonder. Yet with the temperature not quite reaching the mild mark-just yet and like a lot of my outfits as of late layering is key, so queue the roll-neck making another appearance for keeping me warm in these temperatures. Needless to say I have a suspicion that this space mac might be my go-to coat of choice for the upcoming spring season... Only time (and *future* outfit posts) will tell.

Coat - Yumi Direct (link)* | Top - Asos | Roll Neck Jumper (worn underneath) - M&S | Skirt - Primark | Backpack - Vintage | Boots - Topshop

7 asos outfit pink hair, pastel hair, space mac
pastel-hair-shearling-coat pastel-hair-shearling-coat pastel-hair-double photo shearling-coat pastel-hair-shearling-coat

The other day whilst taking a visit to my local charity shop I came across this shearling coat. Now if there has been one thing on my 'wish list' this has been it, the obsession started last year, ever since I spotted one in a 70s inspired outfit post. There is something about pairing said item with a black roll neck jumper and a patchwork suede skirt (another wish list item-fyi) topped off with an obligatory fedora, that has become a 'fantasy outfit' of mine. You have no idea how determined I am to make this happen. Needless to say this coat was priced at just £4.50. I still can't believe such a piece would be priced so cheaply, in fact I think it is my most cheapest charity shop buy (for a coat-anyway) to date.

Speaking of new things, I've been eyeing up this Lazy Oaf backpack ever since I saw it in their sale back at Christmas. The fun computer icon print and lilac shade, mean't it never seemed to have left my mind since. So when the infamous Hello Kitty Backpack (you know the one) was no longer stable to store all of my uni "essentials" I said a swift hello to this one, which happens to have a (very practical) laptop compartment. It had to happen at some point, otherwise I would of spent late nights frantically 'ebay searching'. Subsequently I have fallen in *love* and I am currently drooling over L.O "New In" section as we speak. I have now reached the point where I am contemplating on whether to spend all my money on the brand-simply because you can never have enough Lazy Oaf in ones wardrobe. So she said...

P.S. I have hinted away on twitter about 'unicorn/pastel' locks finally gracing my head- so ta dah! I'm simply obsessed with the colour and feel like I don't ever want to got back to a 'normal' shade again. I'm thinking of doing a post about achieving the pastel look, as it has been a LONG time in the coming-so let me know below!

Coat - Charity Shop | Top - H&M | Skirt - Asos | Bag - Lazy Oaf (Now in the sale-go, go, go->link) | Boots - Topshop

1-collar-pink 2-collar-pink 3-double-collar-pink5-collar-pink 6-collar-pink7-collar-pink
Photos taken by the *awesome* Renata @ suchaflour.com 

St Dunstan in the East is a place that I never even thought would exist in the hustle and bustle of the city. A secret garden if you like, with it being a short walk away from Monument tube station hidden down Idol Lane. The place is basically a church ruin that was bombed in World War two and what is left is simply beautiful. It reminds me of a film set with the willowing tree branches climbing the (once) sacred walls and pathways leading to small corners of the church. I went there with a couple of friends of mine and simply couldn't resist taking a few outfit snaps in such a serene location, I cannot wait to go back and visit it in the summer when the walls will be covered in vibrant greenery. If you are ever on that side of the city then it's definitely worth a visit and become intrigued with its beauty.

Outfit wise, I was inspired by a look I recently came across on my new favourite app 'Stylekick'-a fashion blogger must have! Stylekick is an app that allows you to like and share your favourite outfits or even post your own. As well as allowing you to tag the items in your outfit directly to the website link, making it so much easier to shop your favourite fashion bloggers looks or your followers to shop yours. For me it makes shopping for those pieces that have caught my eye in an outfit, immensely easier and a hell of a lot quicker. Plus it's free! What more could you ask for from the new must-have app for your phone (being both available for android and iPhone), be sure to check it out here?!

Coat - Primark | Jumper - Borrowed | Skirt - Boohoo | Cardigan- Primark | Boots - Dr.Martens