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There are those moments when inspiration strikes and you have to do/make something immediately, before the moment passes. That is exactly what happened when I spotted a fur trimmed skirt on Pinterest (take a look at the one that inspired me here). Feeling immediately drawn to its unusual 'touch' I simply couldn't resist making something similar myself. As (previously mentioned) I had to make it there and then, so there I was scouring my wardrobe to 1) find a suitable skirt that needed a 'fluffy' touch and 2) to find either something furry/fluffy to cut up and add to said skirt. Unfortunately fur was nowhere to be seen (or willing to be torn apart) however there was a certain blue knit 'fluffy' jumper that met my eye, and not recalling the last time I have worn it (plus being extremely pretty <3) I thought why not?! With the decision being made, I quickly cut off the arms and began pining the fabric along edge the skirt. Despite breaking two sewing needles in the process, due to the fabric being incredible thick for the machine. Desperate times people. My inspired creation was complete in a couple of hours. All I can say is expect more fluffy/pastel creations to appear in future posts-as I'm on currently on an inspiration roll.

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Coat - Primark | Beret - eBay (link) | Top - Primark | Skirt - River Island (diy fluffy edging) | Bag - eBay (link) | Boots - Topshop

8-pink-hair-unicorn, pastel hair, blogger-outfit


  1. Peaches, I am absolutely loving your hair! This outfit is so on point, lady! xx

  2. You look so cute ! love the pink hair !

    Win Pink in Tokyo clothing !


  3. Love the pink on pink on pink. <3

  4. Aw! Thank you so much Georgia x

  5. Thank you Sarah :) I think I have a "Pink" obsession! x


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