Lazy Oaf Coveting

pastel-hair-shearling-coat pastel-hair-shearling-coat pastel-hair-double photo shearling-coat pastel-hair-shearling-coat

The other day whilst taking a visit to my local charity shop I came across this shearling coat. Now if there has been one thing on my 'wish list' this has been it, the obsession started last year, ever since I spotted one in a 70s inspired outfit post. There is something about pairing said item with a black roll neck jumper and a patchwork suede skirt (another wish list item-fyi) topped off with an obligatory fedora, that has become a 'fantasy outfit' of mine. You have no idea how determined I am to make this happen. Needless to say this coat was priced at just £4.50. I still can't believe such a piece would be priced so cheaply, in fact I think it is my most cheapest charity shop buy (for a coat-anyway) to date.

Speaking of new things, I've been eyeing up this Lazy Oaf backpack ever since I saw it in their sale back at Christmas. The fun computer icon print and lilac shade, mean't it never seemed to have left my mind since. So when the infamous Hello Kitty Backpack (you know the one) was no longer stable to store all of my uni "essentials" I said a swift hello to this one, which happens to have a (very practical) laptop compartment. It had to happen at some point, otherwise I would of spent late nights frantically 'ebay searching'. Subsequently I have fallen in *love* and I am currently drooling over L.O "New In" section as we speak. I have now reached the point where I am contemplating on whether to spend all my money on the brand-simply because you can never have enough Lazy Oaf in ones wardrobe. So she said...

P.S. I have hinted away on twitter about 'unicorn/pastel' locks finally gracing my head- so ta dah! I'm simply obsessed with the colour and feel like I don't ever want to got back to a 'normal' shade again. I'm thinking of doing a post about achieving the pastel look, as it has been a LONG time in the coming-so let me know below!

Coat - Charity Shop | Top - H&M | Skirt - Asos | Bag - Lazy Oaf (Now in the sale-go, go, go->link) | Boots - Topshop



  1. Such a cute outfit ! Love the coat so much !

    Win Makeup Revolution FULL skin care collection !

  2. This is stunning. Can we please hair share/swap?

    Dominique x

  3. You look so lovely! I love your haiiiiirrr & just everything about this outfit!

  4. Love the coat! What a great find and such an incredible price. Very cute backpack and your hair looks just magical!

  5. love your pink hair

  6. Haha :D Thank you Dominique! x

  7. Aw! Thank you so much Rosie x

  8. I still can't believe it was less than £5!! Thank you so much Lucy! I do feel more magical-haha :D x


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