Glitter Sunglasses

1-stripe crop top stripe crop top outfit stripe crop top outfit stripe crop top outfit stripe crop top outfit
Lately this has been one of my go-to outfits, as I have been lovin' this combination of pink and stripes. Especially with the weather being on the warmer side as of late, this outfit has acted as the perfect look for spring. With pink and stripes on the agenda, I decided to pair the outfit with my much-loved pom pom earrings and faux-fur drawstring bag-a 'must-have' accessory for a day of exploring. As well as these bargain sunglasses which I picked up for £2 in Primark, a few weeks ago. I just love how they add a 60s touch to the look with their round shape and their pink glitter frames.

Top - H&M | Skirt - River Island (diy faux fur trimming) | Bag - DIY | Boots - Topshop | Earrings - DIY | Sunglasses - Primark

stripe crop top outfit


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