The 70s Trend

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The 70s trend is one that has caught my eye ever since it was first seen on the catwalk, with the likes of Chloe and Saint Laurent taking us back to the era that embodied glamour, killer hair and a somewhat 'Studio 54' attitude towards life. So when the high street took hold of this trend and began re-inventing those iconic pieces I couldn't help but want a piece of the action (and style) myself.

I feel like the brand ARK had embodied that 70s style perfectly at an equally perfect price point,  making it a budget friendly trend that can be easily injected into anyone's wardrobe. That being said this suede skirt is a 'key' piece in re-creating this 'look', as for one it is extremely versatile and can be easily dressed up and down depending on the occasion. As well as acting as a 'subtler' approach to those who don't want to channel full-on 70s roadie, meets Penny Lane from "Almost famous" just yet-anyway.

With pastels being my forte I couldn't help but pair it with this gorgeous lilac jumper, with added lace inserts (also from ARK). As by paring it with the shearling gilet, it adds warmth but still showcases its unexpected detailing.

Faux Shearling Gilet - Primark | Top - ARK (link)* | Skirt - ARK (link)* | Bag - Vintage | Hat - eBay | Choker - DIY | Shoes - Primark
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  1. Love the shoulder peek! It's intelligent (:
    I really like that you've been able to make this 70's inspired outfit look so modern and unique.
    It's just perfect <3

  2. Aw! Thank you so much Lovely ! x


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