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With my latest obsession being the colour pink and anything Kawaii inspired-can I just live in Harajuku? It only seemed right that I shared with you another "pink" outfit. This obsession is a funny thing really, it is like I am 'subconsciously' drawn to anything of that of colour. Even to the colour of my hair and lipstick, it has seemed to have migrated into most objects/things in my life. I could only imagine what my own house would look like, in fact it would probably resemble something like this. You could only imagine my delight when I discovered interiors of this (crazy) kind existed and even better can be created. A girl could only imagine living in a world of pink.

Coat - Primark | Top - Vintage | Skirt - d.i.y | Boots - Topshop | Backpack - d.i.y

7-heart skirt


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