The Beauty Review: Max Factor Masterpiece Boutique

1-max factor masterpiece collection review
The "Masterpiece Boutique Collection" from Max Factor has recently been given a makeover with all new sleek black and gold packaging, that makes the products feel more expensive than they actually are.

The collection consists of firm industry favourites such as the Masterpiece, Masterpiece Waterproof, Masterpiece MAX Mascaras, Colour Precision Eyeshadows, Kohl Pencils and Eyebrow Pencils. If you are just getting into make-up or want fool-proof products this collection might be the one for you. After all if they are good enough to be adorned on runway shows such as Gucci, Valentino and Victoria Beckham, than they are sure to be good enough for your make-up bag.3-max factor masterpiece max mascara
Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara (link)*
The Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara is a high-impact, volumising mascara which features a more advanced brush than the ones seen on the classic Masterpiece Mascaras. This allows you to have bolder, sleeker lashes that offer maximum 'wow' power, making it especially perfect for an evening 'look'. 
4-max mactor masterpiece mascara
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara-also available in Waterproof (link)*
The Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara is one of the original mascaras from the brand proving to be a cult favourite among the 'fash/beauty-pack' alike. The gold packaging delivers elegance as well as adding a touch of luxury, to an affordable high-street product. Adding a subtle element of drama to your lashes by evenly coating each lash and separating them, making the product perfect for everyday wear.

If I was to compare the Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara and Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara, side by side. In all honestly I do love both as they are extremely long-wearing, don't flake off during the day and are easy to remove. Yet I have fallen in love with the "Masterpiece MAX", as a self-proclaimed lover of the 60s I find this product to be perfect in allowing me to achieve those Twiggy-esque spidery lashes. Despite this whenever I want to keep my make-up natural but still polished the Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara is perfect for doing just that. 

Below are the photos from two other mascaras from the collection: the Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara and the Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Mascara. Both of which I have previously reviewed on the blog, and again are both exceptionally high quality products which I have been my firm make-up bag favourites.
Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara (link)* Full Blog Post Review Link
Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Mascara (link)* Full Blog Post Review Link
5-max factor eyeliners
Max Factor Kohl Liner in "Black" and "Brown"-2nd and 3rd swatch from left  (link)*  // Eyebrow Pencil in "Hazel"-1st swatch from left (link)*

The Max Factor Kohl Liner's are a new favourite of mine from the collection. As a liquid liner enthusiasts I tend to steer away from the classic kohl liners, as I have never found one that stays put on either my lids and waterline throughout the day, without coming home to see I've turned into a panda eye mess. Despite this I was intrigued to see whether these would live up to my high-liner-expectations and keep the 'panda-eye' at bay. With that being said they have. 

First off they are extremely pigmented and blend-able, with the need for only one sweep across the waterline and lid to add definition to your eyes. I always use to find that if I type-lined my waterline with any eyeliner the product would either wear off immediately, or smudge down my lower lash line (in an unintentional/non-attractive way). Yet I am still to experience this 'occurrence' from happening with these liners *score*.  

Another product from the collection is their Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel. When it comes to my brows I tend to skip the whole process, as to be honest my fringe hides a large majority of them. However I am always on the look-out for a product that defines them subtly, without looking like they have been heavily drawn on. As I naturally have quite thick, dark-ish brows I have found this pencil to be perfect in 'neaten' them up a little-filling in the gaps if you like. Making the product ideal for those who want to steer clear from the 'scouse-brow' look.
6-max factor cream eyeshadows
Max Factor Colour Precision Eye Shadow in (from left-to-right on hand swatches) "Stardust", "Pearl Beige", "Golden Green", "Icicle Rose" and "Coffee" (link)*
Finally the last piece of the collection are formed of these creamy, shimmery eyeshadows which are a  dream to blend. When it comes to eyeshadow, you've probably noticed that I hardly ever wear it. There is really no one answer to why, but I am sure one reason is down to pure lazy-ness.

However I may be a eyeshadow convert, after giving these a whirl. Besides being a 'dream to blend' these shadows are extremely long-lasting and easy to apply, within a matter of seconds. For the look below I used the shades "Pearl Beige"-which is a perfect highlighting shade, that I applied all over the lid, blending up onto the brow bone. Then defined my crease with the shade "Coffee", and blended around the socket with my fingers for a natural shadow look. I still cannot get over how easy they are to use, as I literally used no brushes except from my fingers to blend the product in. Making them perfect for lazy eyeshadow users like me.

It is fair to say this collection is definitely worth a look at, especially if you are on the look out for products to become a (much-loved) staple in your make-up bag.
7-max factor masterpiece collection review

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