It seems as though flares have recently become my go-to item to wear lately, whether that is dressed down with a simple band tee or dressed-up with something a little more 'glam' and sophisticated. With that being said these ones I bought a while back from the Asos "Reclaimed Vintage" range are the ones that make them the epitome of 'Relaxed Sunday dressing'. They are literally on the same level of comfy-ness as pyjamas.  With 'relaxed dressing' in mind, and as the sun/warmth was no where to be seen when these photos were taken, I decided to pop on my beloved faux leather jacket to add a strong contrast to the floral trousers. 
Faux Leather Jacket - Zara | Top - H&M | Trousers - Asos | Backpack - Vintage | Necklace - Unknown | Boots - Topshop
SHOP THE OUTFIT by Keegan Allen  review by Keegan Allen  review by Keegan Allen  review by Keegan Allen  review by Keegan Allen (Buy here)
A slightly different post today as I wanted to share with you a photography book my sister recently recommended I have a look at. That being said I subsequently fell in love with it and wanted to share it with you all, as my first (ever) book review on the blog. The book is by Keegan Allen ("Toby" from PLL) and shares a photographic insight into his life spanning back from when he was given his first camera (aged nine) to now as an actor on his own creative journey.

The one thing I love about the book is the vastness of subjects he photographs, ranging from candid photos of cast-members on film/tv sets to my (personal favourite) scenic shots of California and the array of 'characters' you might encounter on the streets of LA. As a photography enthusiast it has made me want to pick up my film camera again and just snap away at life as it passes, as a large majority of the photos are taken on his Leica M6-*dream* film camera...This book is definitely worth a read if you want a source of inspiration for picking up your camera again.

Now playing: Foals "What went down", Wolf Alice "Bros", The Strokes "Machu Picchu" Florence + the Machine "Queen of Peace" & The Red Hot Chilli Peppers "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" by Keegan Allen  review

1-caseapp-review 2-caseapp-review3-caseapp-review 4-caseapp-review5-caseapp-review
When it comes to iPhone cases I am one of those people who is constantly changing theirs-it is as though my iPhone has got a mini wardrobe to suit all seasons. So when CASEAPP contacted me to see whether I was interested in designing my very own custom iPhone case, I immediately began thinking about the type of design I wanted to create. 
I am sure you all know by now about that space grunge obsession of mine, as I keep going on about it... So with that in mind I began sourcing various 'space' related images that I could use for the case. As I have a weird obsession with collecting images of "Nebulas" on my phone (my phone is full of them) and have always wanted a phone case covered in its pastel, mystical colours, I decided to use it as my base image on the case. Which I then topped with an alien icon-for obvious reasons. 

CASEAPP is really cool site as you can create a range of different types of collages either using your own images (or ones you were inspired by) as well adding cute icons they have ready to use on the site, to your phone case. You can also can create custom skins for your PC laptops, Macs and iPads, which you could always match to your case ;) Plus they are made from extremely good quality plastic, as well as offering a "Extra Tough" range for those of us paranoid about dropping our phone (myself included).  

If you fancy treating yourself or someone you know to a thoughtful gift, the lovely people over at  CASEAPP are kindly offering all Style Peaches readers 20% off with the code PEACHESCASE20 (Valid until the July 17th).  So let me know if you design one! 

Faux Leather Jacket - Zara | Top - Primark | Skirt - H&M | Custom iPhone Case - CASEAPP (LINK)* | Choker Necklace - Primark | Crystal Pendant - Unknown | Boots - Topshop

1-missguided-velvet-flares 2-missguided-velvet-flares 3-missguided-velvet-flares 4-missguided-velvet-flares 5-missguided-velvet-flares
I have been lusting over owning a pair of these velvet black flares, from Missguided, ever since they first hit the 'new in' section. Which is basically a place where I find my "wishlist" to continuously grow-if only you saw the size of this list in real life.  So when I finally got round to making the purchase (a first from the site), you can only imagine my delight when they arrived a few days later.

When it comes to high waisted flares I often find that they are never high waisted 'enough' for me, as they normally fall below my belly button. However I find these to be at the perfect high waisted 'height', besides from shortening them a tad as I am no six foot model-which is a pretty standard procedure when I've bought trousers in the past.
So with these velvet bad boys as the base for my outfit I couldn't help but take inspiration from a few of my favourite 60s/70s rockers, ahem..."Lou Reed" and "Suzy Quatro". By pairing one of favourite band tees with a duster jacket for added 'drama'.

Duster Jacket - Primark | T-Shirt - Online | Trousers - Missguided (link) | Backpack - Vintage | Sunglasses - Asos (old) | Boots - Topshop

1-circle sunglasses outfit2-circle sunglasses outfit 3-circle sunglasses outfit 4-circle sunglasses outfit5-circle sunglasses outfit 6-circle sunglasses outfit
I have recently been wearing these ("mom") ripped jeans, from Boohoo non-stop. As they are one of those items that are ridiculously comfy to wear and yet can be paired with anything in your wardrobe, for a 'fuss-free' outfit. As I have been obsessed with wearing "all (or close-to) black" outfits as of late-I promise there will be a few colourful ones popping up on the blog very soon. I decided to pair the jeans with a black shirred 'Bardot' style top, with a Kurt Cobain (circa MTV Unplugged 1994) inspired oversized cardigan to act as a colour contrast and a touch of added warmth to the look. All I can say is this 'look' is a result of watching, too many to count Nirvana music videos <3. 

Cardigan - Primark | Jeans - (link) | Top - Primark | Bag - Vintage | Choker & Sunglasses - Primark | Boots - Topshop

7-circle sunglasses outfit
1-metalic skirt 2-metalic skirt 3-metalic skirt 4-metalic skirt 5-metalic skirt
I have been lusting over owning a silver skirt, ever since my 'space grunge' obsession began. So when I spotted this one at my local River Island store I knew I had to have it immediately. It almost reminds me of something you would see "Barbarella" wear in the late 1960s film, complete with an oversized blonde barnet and space gun. With the 60s as my key source of inspiration for the look I decided to pair the skirt with this high-neck pale pink top (another purchase I have fallen in love with). As it seems as though summer has finally arrived in the UK, so short sleeve tops can come out in full-force *minus* the need to be covered up by a jacket or a piece of knitwear-finally! So with that in mind lets hope there will be a few more summery outfits gracing the blog very soon...
Gilet - Primark (old season) | Top - H&M | Skirt - River Island | Backpack - D.I.Y | Boots - Topshop 

6-metalic skirt

When it comes to make-up/beauty/hair icons there is one lady which takes rein over all three categories, and it will probably come as no surprise that her name is Brigitte Bardot. The lady has inspired my make-up look for years, as there is something so classic, yet simple about the way she enhances her 'face'.
With her beauty look in particular it is all about the black rimmed eyes and the nude, matt lip. The classic feline shape is one that I take inspiration from, for my everyday makeup look. For this 'look' (as part of the House of Fraser Beauty Ambassador competition-they have an amazing make-up department!) I decided to go for more of a heavier black outline, with it being slightly smudged around the lower lash line-in true 'Bardot' style.

Products used:

Derma-blend Liquid Foundation in shade "Opal" (link)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in "Fair" (link)
Kimmel Stay Matt Pressed Powder in "Translucent" (link)
Mac Blush in Prism (link)*
Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel (link)*

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black (link)*
Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara (link)*
Taupe Eyeshadow-from unbranded palette (similar here)

Max Factor Lip Pencil in "Pink Pental" (link)
Rimmel Kate-Lasting Finish Lipstick in "03" (link)
First off it is all about creating a base colour for the eye look, as well as adding depth to your crease. I did this by taking a light brown taupe shade which I added a light 'wash' over my lids, focusing the colour within the crease of my eye.

Next is the crucial step for this look-the liner. I start by drawing a straight fine line over the lid from the inner to outer corner. For me I find it easier to draw a straight line across the lid instead of following my eye shape, to achieve that 'feline' effect as my eyes are quite round naturally. From the outer corner tilt the line upwards slightly to achieve the 'flick', and fill in any remaining gaps along the lash line.
Next draw a line over the lower lash line, taking it onto the waterline. Now for the 'smudging' part, using a cotton bud lightly smudge the liner, keeping it close to the lower lash line. I find taking a cotton bud a lot easier (and less messier) than using my finger, as I feel have more control over how much I want to smudge the liner.

For the lashes add lashings of mascara (no pun intended!) to your eyes, in order to create maximum impact. A tip I discovered is that to keep in with the 'feline' shape focus the mascara on the outer lashes, pulling out toward the outer corners of your eyes with the mascara wand. This tip also works well on your lower lash line.
Finally for those iconic nude lips. Start off by lining and enhancing your natural lip shape with a nude lip liner, to create a matt opaque base. I often just finish there and add a touch of balm to the centre of lips, for added moisture and as a subtle highlight. However for this particular look I actually went back and enhanced the colour with a slighter darker lipstick, focusing the colour on the centre of my lips.

So there you have it! I simple way to re-create those iconic 'bardot' eyes with just a few products in matter of minutes.
bardot top outfit how to wear bardot top how-to-pastel-hair holographic-unicorn-clutch-outfit primark-bardot-top-outfit
Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook // Chictopia 
Owning a "bardot" inspired top, made famous by the lady herself. Has been top of my wishlist ever since fallen for her iconic 60s style, which I am sure you know by now that I am obsessed with it. So when I came across this shirred black number for a mere £5, I couldn't help but purchase one. Especially with summer upon us, I feel this top would be a key staple in transitioning winter pieces into summer appropriate wearing. This subsequently meant dreaming up all the outfits I could style with said top, queue flared trousers and Woodstock 1969 inspired looks to 90s grunge, (Drew Barrymore) inspired.

As I wanted to break out of this "all black outfit" habitat I see myself fall for, on more than one occasion. I decided to add a strong contrast of colour to the look with my d.i.y heart print skirt, I made a while back. Topped off with a few of my favourite (and new-found staple) necklaces as well as that 'unicorn' holographic, clutch bag. 

Duster Jacket - Primark | Top - Primark | Skirt - D.I.Y | Necklaces and Sandals - Primark | Bag - eBay