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When it comes to iPhone cases I am one of those people who is constantly changing theirs-it is as though my iPhone has got a mini wardrobe to suit all seasons. So when CASEAPP contacted me to see whether I was interested in designing my very own custom iPhone case, I immediately began thinking about the type of design I wanted to create. 
I am sure you all know by now about that space grunge obsession of mine, as I keep going on about it... So with that in mind I began sourcing various 'space' related images that I could use for the case. As I have a weird obsession with collecting images of "Nebulas" on my phone (my phone is full of them) and have always wanted a phone case covered in its pastel, mystical colours, I decided to use it as my base image on the case. Which I then topped with an alien icon-for obvious reasons. 

CASEAPP is really cool site as you can create a range of different types of collages either using your own images (or ones you were inspired by) as well adding cute icons they have ready to use on the site, to your phone case. You can also can create custom skins for your PC laptops, Macs and iPads, which you could always match to your case ;) Plus they are made from extremely good quality plastic, as well as offering a "Extra Tough" range for those of us paranoid about dropping our phone (myself included).  

If you fancy treating yourself or someone you know to a thoughtful gift, the lovely people over at  CASEAPP are kindly offering all Style Peaches readers 20% off with the code PEACHESCASE20 (Valid until the July 17th).  So let me know if you design one! 

Faux Leather Jacket - Zara | Top - Primark | Skirt - H&M | Custom iPhone Case - CASEAPP (LINK)* | Choker Necklace - Primark | Crystal Pendant - Unknown | Boots - Topshop


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