Guns N' Roses

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I have been lusting over owning a pair of these velvet black flares, from Missguided, ever since they first hit the 'new in' section. Which is basically a place where I find my "wishlist" to continuously grow-if only you saw the size of this list in real life.  So when I finally got round to making the purchase (a first from the site), you can only imagine my delight when they arrived a few days later.

When it comes to high waisted flares I often find that they are never high waisted 'enough' for me, as they normally fall below my belly button. However I find these to be at the perfect high waisted 'height', besides from shortening them a tad as I am no six foot model-which is a pretty standard procedure when I've bought trousers in the past.
So with these velvet bad boys as the base for my outfit I couldn't help but take inspiration from a few of my favourite 60s/70s rockers, ahem..."Lou Reed" and "Suzy Quatro". By pairing one of favourite band tees with a duster jacket for added 'drama'.

Duster Jacket - Primark | T-Shirt - Online | Trousers - Missguided (link) | Backpack - Vintage | Sunglasses - Asos (old) | Boots - Topshop


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