Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

1-lolita shoot 2-lolita shoot 3-lolita shoot 4-lolita shoot

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook // Chictopia 
Today I thought I would share with you a few photos that my sister took of me for an impromptu shoot we did, back when the sun was shining and summer did not seem like such a lifetime away (unlike today).  For the occasion I decided to pair this fluffy d.i.y vest, which were the remains from a d.i.y fur-trimmed skirt, with this pastel pink skirt from asos. With pastels on the agenda and the garden as the backdrop I couldn't help but channel my inner Lolita and draw inspiration from the scene where she is sunbathing on the grass wearing those ever-so iconic heart shaped sunglasses.

 Top - D.I.Y | Skirt - Asos | Sunglasses - Primark (old)

6-lolita shoot

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