Hyper Japan - The Event

As I mentioned in my previous post (recap on that and the outfit here) I popped down to Hyper Japan last Friday for a fun-filled day of Japanese/kawaii goodness. The event itself was everything I hoped it would be (and more) as I came away with one goal in mind, I need to visit Japan asap (and buy everything kawaii, that I can lay my hands on).

The event was split into different zones, including the Nintendo gaming zone, Kawaii zone, Food zone and "Live" zone. I found this made it really easy to navigate your way round each of the different areas, making sure you didn't miss anything along the way. Obviously my favourite was the Kawaii zone as it showcased both internationally and UK based brands that sell inspired clothing and accessories including Glitter Bomb Jewellery, Sugar Coated Sprinkles and Dreamy Bows. I subsequently bought an adorable glitter unicorn necklace from Sugar Coated Sprinkles, that I fell in love with and will be showcasing on the blog very soon. As well as all the stands there were some incredible outfits on show by people visiting ranging from Cosplay to Lolita and Sailor Moon, which were really inspiring to see up close.

We then made our way over to the gaming area to try out some of the new games Nintendo has to offer, again this was such a fun experience to play and lose yourself within the gaming world. Afterwards we actually went back to the Kawaii zone for one last look round before we left and came across a mini food and sweet store called "Tofu Cute" (see photos below and above), which again I fell in love with for their rare treats and pastel offerings. Overall if you too are Japanese /Kawaii obsessed like myself, than I definitely recommend you take a trip to Hyper Japan next year. So that all of your Japanese dreams can come true...

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