Yesterday we took the train over to Paris for a day of exploring the city that I adore and taking too many photos of the Eiffel Tower-because you can never have too many. 
The day was spent Metro hoping to take in all the city's famous landmarks including that infamous tower, the Louvre and exploring the streets of Montmartre . Which also included drooling over numerous works of Dali and Picasso for sale at one of their local boutique galleries...A girl can only dream of owning such pieces of work. I am actually planning on a doing a whole blog post dedicated to the trip, similar style to my previous travel posts (see here), which should be up within the next week or so. 

So with the city of adoration in mind and the weather being on our side (warm and sunny f.y.i) I decided to give my new Missguided sale purchase it's first outing, as I couldn't think of a better occasion to do so. 
I fell in love with the dress's space grunge inspired print and subtly lilac tie-dyed fabric, as well as how it is perfect for the warmer seasons. I decided to pair it with this amazing Luna necklace (Sailor Moon's cat) from the jewellery brand Glitterbomb (link to their website here), as I thought the crescent moon on Luna's face ties in fittingly with the print on the dress. If you haven't already then I urge you to check out their website and their awesome collection of sailor moon and Kawaii inspired necklaces. Which I decided to top off with a pair of (spice girl "esque") double side buns, ready for a day of falling in love with the city all over again.  

Dress - Missguided (Sale) | Waistcoat - Boohoo | Necklace - Glitterbomb Jewellery (link)* | Backpack - Lazyoaf | Sandals - Primark

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