After coming across the Kawaii inspired jewellery brand "Glitterbomb" the other week at Hyper Japan, I knew that I had to share their amazing pieces on my blog. So when the lovely Elise sent me over a couple of necklaces to style up in some kawaii/girly inspired outfit posts I couldn't contain my excitement.

Glitter bomb is an online website that specialises in acrylic hand-assembled, laser-cut jewellery at affordable prices. Ranging from statement necklaces to pastel hair clips and alpaca earrings (that are too adorable for words!).  For me the necklaces are my favourite as they can easily add a girly/kawaii touch to an outfit, as well as being an eye-catching accessory.
As well as this they have specialised collections to make browsing (and shopping) hassle-free. Predictably the "Sailor Moon" collection is one of my favourites, showcasing adorable "Luna" necklaces and those iconic Sailor Moon star earrings.

With that in mind I couldn't resist styling this pink "Unicornzzz" necklace, as I am sure you know by now about my obsession with that mystical creature. As the necklace was my starting point for the outfit I decided to take some inspiration from an outfit I spotted on Tokyofashion.com - a go-to for inspiration. From there I chose to pair it with this girly "Barbie" logo tee and my adorned metallic pleated skirt, to tie in with the pink and silver glitter accents from the necklace. Hair wise I've been wearing the 'double-bun' look a lot recently as I love how it adds a touch of  'grunge' to the outfit. Let me know if you want to see a quick tutorial on the hair-style. Finally if you haven't already then be sure to check out Glitterbomb's website here, and be prepared to create a never ending wishlist of their products <3
T-Shirt - Newlook (sale-link) | Skirt - Asos | Necklace - Glitterbomb Jewellery (link)* | Sandals - Primark | Backpack - Vintage

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