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I have had my eye on owning this "Alien Emoji" dress ever since it first appeared on the 'Hype' clothing collection on asos. I instantly fell for its 60s psychedelic meets digital space emoji design and of course the humorous "LOSERS 4 EVA" slogan. As I am always on the lookout for clothing that exudes the fact that you can never take yourself too seriously. Speaking of "not taking yourself too seriously, the other day I found myself sticking a bunch of gems on my face for work , more on that in Thursday's post...
Anyway back to the outfit, I decided to pair this colourful number with my d.i.y fluffy backpack and my beloved unicorn necklace (from the lovely people over at Glitterbomb) as I simply couldn't pair this dress with 'understated' accessories. Basically if an item of clothing/accessory falls into one of the following categories: what 'ordinary' people would class as "weird", emoji, fluffy or kawaii then I'm sold...

Dress - Hype Clothing via Asos | Bag - D.I.Y | Sandals & Choker Necklace - Primark | Unicorn Necklace - Glitterbomb (link)*

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