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This has to be probably one of my classic go-to outfits as of late, as there is something I love about pairing this faux fur gilet, with a band tee and a pair of ripped jeans.  It has even been perfect for this in-between warm/cold weather we've been experiencing as of late.
Please excuse the short post today, I'm currently in the midst of packing up all my belongs (and life essentials) to move up to Nottingham, to start Uni, at the end of this week. Let me just say that who knew one girl could own so much...Anyway I will try to keep blog posting to my normal weekly routine-Monday and Wednesday f.y.i. But if you cannot help but want more daily musings be-sure to give me a follow on instagram or twitter-@stylepeaches.

Faux Fur Gilet - Primark | Top - Guns n' Roses | Jeans - Boohoo (link) | Boots - New Look | Choker Necklaces - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Necklaces - Unknown 

 Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook 
Oh Dorothy, how I have dreamed of owning a pair of your glistening shoes to walk down my very own "Yellow Brick Road" one day... These 'dreams' started when I first became mesmerised with the wonderful Land of Oz, and the fantasies that a pair of shoes could entail. Yet there was something so magical about being able to be transported home with three taps of the heel.

These sparkly offerings are from the highly anticipated Deichmann x Hanneli Mustaparta (Norwegian Fashion blogger extraordinaire and an all round cool girl) collection. With shoes ranging from bad-ass knee-high boots to the ever-so classic brogues and chelsea boots. The knee-high boots are currently on the top of my (never ending) wishlist. This collection has something for everyone, with every occasion covered. The best part about the range is that they are all sold at 'purse-friendly' prices  (£14.99 for these glitzy numbers) to help satisfy your 'must-have' fashion fixes.

As like I said with Dorothy immediately springing to mind when I first laid eyes on these shoes, in 'Dorothy style' I decided to pair them with a pair of frilly socks. As I thought this was particularly  fitting with my kawaii/pastel inspired outfit-Hello Kitty choker necklace in tow to satisfy ones obsession.

I thought I would put my spin on a classic pair of (sparkly court shoes) by pairing them with a 'space age' top (aka dress tucked in) and a white skater skirt that has tennis 'chic' written all over it.  Although I have admit these shoes are the star of the look, as the way they glisten while I walk makes me feel as though I'm living a kawaii inspired fairytale. A girl can only dream. All I can say is Hanneli Mustaparta thank you for creating a pair of shoes that fulfil my (shoe) fantasies.

Top - Misguided (dress worn as top) | Skirt - Boohoo | Backpack - Vintage | Shoes - Deichmann x Hanneli Mustaparta (link)* | Choker Necklaces - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Watch - Casio

Eau Thermale Avéne Xeracalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream (link)*

Eczema week has officially begun (13th-21st September) so to bring awareness to the skin condition that can be a long irritating problem amongst many of us. I thought I would share a couple of products which can help calm the skin condition down. With the itching ranked as the biggest struggle for suffers, closely followed by dryness and redness, it can sometimes feel as a never ending struggle for it to be gone. 
As my mum has been an eczema sufferer ever since she has been little she knows all too well about those struggles.  As the majority of her eczema is now on her hands, predominately on her fingers, where soreness/itchiness has gotten to the point of exposing broken skin. With these symptoms in mind I asked her to trial the Eau Thermale Avéne Xeracalm range of products for a month, to hear her thoughts on them from a true eczema sufferer.

First up is the cream which uses sterile DEFI technology, in english this means that the product is free from any risky ingredients, preservatives and fragrances that could upset your skin even more. The way it works is that the packaging has a unique valve to dispense the cream safely, without allowing air or bacteria into the tube. Pretty amazing-huh!? Mumma Peaches thoughts on this product was that there was an immediate feeling of hydration on the dry, irritated areas of the skin. She also found it absorbs well leaving a fine layer of moisture on the skins surface. Application wise she had to apply it 2-3 times a day, as her skin is very irritated. However once applied these sore, dry areas feel effectively more comfortable, and are not as 'angry' looking.
Eau Thermale Avéne Xeracalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil (link)*

Next up is the Cleansing Oil from the brand which cleanses and protects the skin against the drying effects of water. The Cleansing Oil is fragrance and soap-free, as well as being formulated with a minimal number of ingredients, to reduce the risks of allergies. Again it has been packaged in an air-tight bag that releases the oil when the pump is used. For Mumma Peaches this was by far her favourite product of the two, as she adored how luxurious it felt when applied to the skin.  Initially the formula feels like silk when it is first applied, but once water is added it becomes creamy and easy to use. Overall it made her skin feel very smooth and a lot calmer, than if she was to use an ordinary sensitive shower/bath wash. As for the irritated and dry areas, of her skin,  they now feel a lot more softer and nourished. 

Finally if you too are a sufferer of this skin condition then be sure to give these products a whirl, the results might even amaze you.

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook 
This jumper was one of those items which I immediately had to get my hands on, as soon as a spotted it in store. For some reason I have been on the hunt for a pale pink fluffy jumper ever since dreaming up a kawaii inspired outfit with a white tennis skirt (American Apparel style) and pastel accessories. Needless to say that the tennis skirt is next on my wish list...

I love how the jumper is ridiculously soft, almost blanket like in texture. As especially in the colder months, there is something so comforting about wearing duvet/blanket inspired clothing when there is a chill in the air. For today's outfit I decided to pair it with a faux leather skater skirt and tons of jewellery (chokers obligatory) for a 90s touch.

Jumper - New Look | Skirt - H&M | Backpack - Vintage | Pom Pom Keyring - New Look | Boots - New Look | Choker Necklaces - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Coin Purse - My Sisters Accessories (link)*

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook 
It feels as though this is my first 'autumn' inspired outfit of the month, with tights out in full force and layering to a maximum-hello three layers of knitwear (it was exceptionally chilly that day). I even went as far as donning a roll neck jumper (another first of the season). I have been meaning on wearing this combination (roll neck and denim shorts) for a while as I love the contrast in fabrics but also how the look has a 70s meets grunge inspired feel going on. As much as I love summer there is something about autumn which I always look forward to, from layering every warm item that you own to wearing those duster coats and chunky knitted scarfs.

I don't think I have mentioned this on the blog but I am moving up to Nottingham to start Uni (studying Fashion Communication & Promotion) in a few weeks time, which is both a very exciting yet nerve-racking experience. Now with the way blogging comes into this I truly have no idea who will take my outfit photos, as I currently have my sister on board to take photos (give her a follow @ima.mermaid).
So if blogging becomes a tad sporadic in the upcoming months/weeks I deeply apologise, however I'm sure I will find a solution to this problem it might even have to involve a tripod and remote (just like the good ol' days).  We will have to wait and see. Also if anyone has been/lives in Nottingham I'd love to know the must-see places to visit as I am stranger to the city.

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Duster Jacket - Primark | Roll - Neck Jumper - M&S | Shorts - New Look (d.i.y'd patches) | Backpack - Vintage (pom pom keyring - New Look) | Boots - New Look | Pendants - Unknown | Tattoo Choker - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Moon Choker - My Sisters Accessories (link)*

 Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook
I have had my eye on owning this dress ever since I first spotted it on the Motel Rocks site a couple of months ago. As I immediately fell for its 90s inspired baby doll shape and mystical sun and moon print. So when the brand promoted a 25% off code on their site, it was one of those moments where I couldn't resist taking full advantage of the offer. 

I have come to the conclusion that this dress makes me feel as if I am channeling my inner Stevie Nicks (spirit animal) due to its nature inspired print. In fact I couldn't help but channel her a lil' bit more by popping on these amazing choker necklaces from a brand called My Sisters Accessories. 

My Sisters Accessories is a Etsy shop that specialises in choker necklaces, crystal pendants and rings at extremely affordable prices -under £5 for a choker necklace...hello!! The crystal chokers are one of my favourite as I have longed for owning such an item for far too long. This shop is definitely worth checking out if you too have a thing (obsession) with crystal chokers/necklaces, as you can pick up some killer finds at hard to resist prices.

Cardigan - Primark | Dress - Motel Rocks (link) | Choker Necklaces -My Sisters Accessories (Link to Opal Crystal Choker)* | Ring - My Sisters Accessories * | Boots - New Look | Backpack - D.I.Y 

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook

A fairly chilled out outfit gracing the blog today, as the weather has (once again) been far more chilled and 'wetter' than normal. So with rain and wind on the agenda I decided to pop on my faux leather jacket from Zara, which has been one of those items where I hardly wore it when I first bought it last autumn. Yet recently I have been wearing it non-stop. I also decided to pair said jacket with a new pair of skinny jeans I picked up at my local Primark. 

Now with trousers/jeans I can be particularly picky with the style, as I can never seem to find ones to suit all my 'needs'. They're either not high waisted enough-you know the ones which claim their high waisted but in fact fall on your hips. Or alternatively not the right style. So when I landed my hands on these high-waisted bad boys, it was like all my denim jean needs were fulfilled. These jeans are indeed perfectly high waisted, extremely skinny almost like 'spray on' effect, except the best part about them (besides being £13) is that they are slightly stretchy meaning one thing only. I can MOVE and EAT in them >_<.   Needless to say I will be back to pick up more... 

Jacket - Zara | Top - New Look | Jeans - Primark | Backpack - Vintage | Boots - New Look | Pom Pom - New Look