Sparkly Court Shoes - Deichmann x Hanneli Mustaparta

 Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook 
Oh Dorothy, how I have dreamed of owning a pair of your glistening shoes to walk down my very own "Yellow Brick Road" one day... These 'dreams' started when I first became mesmerised with the wonderful Land of Oz, and the fantasies that a pair of shoes could entail. Yet there was something so magical about being able to be transported home with three taps of the heel.

These sparkly offerings are from the highly anticipated Deichmann x Hanneli Mustaparta (Norwegian Fashion blogger extraordinaire and an all round cool girl) collection. With shoes ranging from bad-ass knee-high boots to the ever-so classic brogues and chelsea boots. The knee-high boots are currently on the top of my (never ending) wishlist. This collection has something for everyone, with every occasion covered. The best part about the range is that they are all sold at 'purse-friendly' prices  (£14.99 for these glitzy numbers) to help satisfy your 'must-have' fashion fixes.

As like I said with Dorothy immediately springing to mind when I first laid eyes on these shoes, in 'Dorothy style' I decided to pair them with a pair of frilly socks. As I thought this was particularly  fitting with my kawaii/pastel inspired outfit-Hello Kitty choker necklace in tow to satisfy ones obsession.

I thought I would put my spin on a classic pair of (sparkly court shoes) by pairing them with a 'space age' top (aka dress tucked in) and a white skater skirt that has tennis 'chic' written all over it.  Although I have admit these shoes are the star of the look, as the way they glisten while I walk makes me feel as though I'm living a kawaii inspired fairytale. A girl can only dream. All I can say is Hanneli Mustaparta thank you for creating a pair of shoes that fulfil my (shoe) fantasies.

Top - Misguided (dress worn as top) | Skirt - Boohoo | Backpack - Vintage | Shoes - Deichmann x Hanneli Mustaparta (link)* | Choker Necklaces - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Watch - Casio

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