Crescent Moon

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook 
It feels as though this is my first 'autumn' inspired outfit of the month, with tights out in full force and layering to a maximum-hello three layers of knitwear (it was exceptionally chilly that day). I even went as far as donning a roll neck jumper (another first of the season). I have been meaning on wearing this combination (roll neck and denim shorts) for a while as I love the contrast in fabrics but also how the look has a 70s meets grunge inspired feel going on. As much as I love summer there is something about autumn which I always look forward to, from layering every warm item that you own to wearing those duster coats and chunky knitted scarfs.

I don't think I have mentioned this on the blog but I am moving up to Nottingham to start Uni (studying Fashion Communication & Promotion) in a few weeks time, which is both a very exciting yet nerve-racking experience. Now with the way blogging comes into this I truly have no idea who will take my outfit photos, as I currently have my sister on board to take photos (give her a follow @ima.mermaid).
So if blogging becomes a tad sporadic in the upcoming months/weeks I deeply apologise, however I'm sure I will find a solution to this problem it might even have to involve a tripod and remote (just like the good ol' days).  We will have to wait and see. Also if anyone has been/lives in Nottingham I'd love to know the must-see places to visit as I am stranger to the city.

P.S If you have a minute or two, and enjoy reading the blog. Then it would mean the world to me if you voted for my lil' ol' blog as "Best Fashion" blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards. Link here! If you do then let me know so I can personally thank you :)

Duster Jacket - Primark | Roll - Neck Jumper - M&S | Shorts - New Look (d.i.y'd patches) | Backpack - Vintage (pom pom keyring - New Look) | Boots - New Look | Pendants - Unknown | Tattoo Choker - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Moon Choker - My Sisters Accessories (link)*

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