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I can't believe it has been nearly two weeks since my last outfit post, needless to say that life has been extremely busy and fun-filled since moving up to Nottingham. I have started exploring the city and all its unique offerings it has, including a shop that stocks my top three favourite brands *score*. As well as the alternative side to "Freshers Week". Yep-I'm going to admit it. I hate clubbing. I always have and my attitude towards it hasn't changed. Though despite this I have to say I pushed myself outside my comfort zone to do things I wouldn't normally do-including going to plays and gigs by myself. It has been an experience nonetheless and whilst everyone and their mum is coming down with "freshers-flu" (glorified cold), I cannot wait to get stuck into my course (Fashion Communication & Promotion). 

So... onto the outfit which features a couple of new-ish purchases from New Look. I have been lusting over owning a tartan skirt ever since I first spotted Cher from Clueless sporting one. As I just love how there is something so 90s about how you can style them. Whether that's with the classic long-sleeve roll neck to your all-time favourite band tee.  I have always admired those tartan American Apparel tennis skirts, but could never bring myself to part with that much cash. At around £15 (so I recall) for this New Look alternative I couldn't resist, however I have just realised that they don't stock it anymore-damn. So I've included something similar below. Let me know if you too are into the tartan/check skirt trend!

P.S I have just realised it is my birthday in three days time, which means in three days I will no longer be a teenager...all I can say is bring on my 20s. >_<

Long Sleeve Top - New Look | Skirt - New Look | Backpack - Vintage | Choker Necklaces - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Boots - New Look | Sunglasses - Primark

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