Is strobing the new contouring?

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Strobing is fast becoming the new 'contouring' and with the popularity of the trend rapidly growing, Collection have recently launched a couple of new products to help you achieve it. For those of you unaware of the 'strobing' technique, it is very similar to the process of highlighting key areas of your face when using in conjunction with contouring. In contrast strobing requires "extra highlighting" to give your a skin a dewy finish and shimmery glow. For this particular look I will be using the Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation and Collection Speedy Highlighter, as both products have illuminating properties and are an inexpensive way to re-create this season's hottest make-up trend. 
I first begin with creating a 'illuminating' base using the foundation and a stippling brush, as I find this gives a fuller coverage and even finish. I personally found the foundation to have a light to medium coverage which is easily buildable. One thing I love about it is how my natural skin comes through, as unlike other foundations which have a tendency to 'mask' your face this one doesn't do that at all-especially if you're the type of person who prefers a more natural finish to your make-up. Texture wise it definitely has a dewy finish to it, subsequently adding a subtle sheen to your skin and a healthy 'glow'.
Now onto the key product to help you achieve the 'strobing' technique. This nifty product is used in the areas of your face that naturally 'catch' the light, which includes the cheekbones, along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, below your brown bone, in the corners of your eyes and just above your cupids bow. A tip I found online about this look is to avoid highlighting the areas which you breakout, as they can highlight the spot or if you have oily skin (like myself) avoid areas like the forehead and chin. 
As you want to avoid the highlighted areas from looking 'harsh' I decided to blend them out with a stippling brush, to achieve a more natural glow to my skin.
I personally love how it adds a more natural feel to your make-up, as I normally tend to use matte finish products. Additionally I found the highlighter really easy to use and blend, and it's such a handy little product to keep in your handbag if you want to add a subtle glow to your skin.

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