The Ragged Priest

Photos by Georgina Bunney @ The Weekender Trender // Lookbook

When I first spotted this scarf from The Ragged Priest (on Asos) I knew I had to own it immediately. Especially as I was on the lookout for a scarf/fur stole to keep me warm now that the weather has gotten a lot colder, and being a sale item I simply couldn't resist. I instantly fell for its acidic bright colours and fluffy faux-fur texture, and knew it would be a perfect accompaniment for this Monki woollen coat I picked up a couple of months ago.  Speaking of new purchases I've been meaning to this photograph this skirt, t-shirt and choker combo for the past month, as I love how it has a subtle nod to Kawaii.
The t-shirt is from a brand me and sister came across on eBay called Minga London, who also have their own web-store. The brands aesthetic is definitely what drew me to this t-shirt and other items, on the site. As its mixes the cute and weird into creating some seriously wish-list worthy pieces of clothing, at ever-so-tempting prices. I have currently got my eye on owning one of their brightly coloured tie-dye swimsuits, as I know it would be the perfect accompaniment for my trip to LA next year.

Coat - Monki | T-Shirt - Minga London (link) | Skirt - eBay | Scarf - The Ragged Priest | Choker Necklace - eBay | Boots - H&M

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