Monki Metallic Parka

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook

First off happy new year!! I can't believe how quickly 2016 has come around and to be honest I couldn't wait to welcome it as the latter part of 2015 wasn't a particularly great time for say the least. However with that swiftly behind me I'm welcoming 2016 with wide arms, and excitement as there is nothing like a new year to reignite your motivations and passions. 
I have already got a couple things planned for this coming year including a trip to L.A in July-revisiting the city that I love, as well as spending a night in the desert. I literally cannot wait for summer to come round. I have also recently invested in my *dream* camera (courtesy of these blog photos).  I am still trying to get use to using it and all of its killer settings, and with a new camera I'm planning on investing in a new snazzy lens to enhance my photos even further (as I'm currently using my old Canon 50mm f/1.8). So camera "geeks" let me know any recommendations below for fixed lenses, I'm currently contemplating between the Sigma 35mm F1.4 or the Canon 50mm F1.2.

Now onto the outfit...and this AMAZING Monki metallic parka coat which I received for Christmas (which was also featured on my Christmas wishlist). I couldn't wait to start styling some 'winter' themed looks with it, and expect more to come as I have fallen deeply for said coat. For todays outfit I decided to go down the slightly more 'practical' (meets grunge) route by pairing it with by Black Sabbath Tee (thanks sis >_<) and a pair of distressed denim jeans. As well as with my beloved Dr. Martens which I'm still in the process of "breaking in"-oh the pain my feet are suffering at the moment! 

Coat - Monki (out of stock online :( may have some instore?) | Top - eBay | Jeans - Boohoo | Bag - Vintage | Hat -Primark | Shoes - Dr. Martens 1460 (link) | Choker Necklace - My Sisters Accessories (link)

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