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Double denim is one of those 'looks' which can either go extremely wrong-Britney and Justin circa 2001, with rhinestone accessories to match. Or it can be one of those outfits that just works and you don't get the feeling of denim "over-kill". I decided to go for the latter option in todays outfit as double denim is always something I wanted to experiment with. So when I got my hands on this vintage lee denim jacket, from Brag Vintage I saw it as an excuse to give the "DD" look a go... 

With the look being something I haven't previously tried before I wanted to keep the overall feel subtle and not in your face. This led me to team the jacket with this pair of distressed black denim mom jeans which I acquired from Boohoo last year (and are still my favourite jeans to date). I love how they are the same/similar shade of black and add a subtle contrast with the distressed fabric, especially how the jeans are slightly fitted whereas the jacket has an oversized aesthetic. Which I adore as it adds to the grunge feel of the whole outfit, needless to say you can expect a few more outfit posts to come featuring the jacket that has stolen my heart this Valentine's. 

Denim Jacket - Brag Vintage (link)* | Top - H&M | Jeans - Boohoo | Backpack - Vintage | Necklace - Glitterbomb (link)* | Boots - H&M 

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