The Beauty Review: Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in "Trooper" (link) $19

The Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner has been a makeup item that I have been meaning to get my hands on after I first heard about its 'cult make-up' status. So when a lovely friend of mine kindly gave me hers to try out-after a mishap with her Sephora order, I couldn't wait to see if it lived up to its status. Being a liquid eyeliner addict I've tried my fare few in my "eyeliner wearing time" and have narrowed down the key areas that I look for when using the product which include application, wear, pigmentation and ease to remove.

First off application, being a felt tip pen I have to admit this does make the whole cat-eye look a lot easier to achieve especially if you're just dipping your toes in sporting a cat eye. Unlike a lot of drugstore felt-tip pen liners I have previously used, that often tend to dry up within the first couple of weeks. This one is still yet to do that and I have been wearing it non-stop (everyday) for the past month, and it still works perfectly fine.

Longevity wise was the area that I was particularly impressed with, as for everyday use if doesn't fade or flake off by the end of the day. In fact it looks just as strong and pigmented in the evening as it did 10 hours before. Now when it comes to removing my make up I normally do a double cleanse, first with micellar water (the garnier one) than I take the final traces off with a cleansing oil. So when I came to remove the liner I was surprised how easier it came off with micellar water. Needless to say this eyeliner has rightfully become a staple product in my make-up bag.

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