Lookbook // Photos by @ima.mermaid

So after taking what was initially only mean't to be a one week break that then rolled into two, from blogging I am now back feeling refreshed and motivated. I think sometimes you can get wound up into pressuring yourself to blog multiple times a week, almost forcing yourself to keep the 'ball rolling' when in fact the passion isn't there, and a break is very much needed. Hence my decision to just stop for a second and re-think where I want my blog to go.
I have also recently announced on twitter that I going to take the plunge and (attempt to) start making youtube videos. I might be late on the bandwagon, but it has always been a goal which I wanted to have a go at.  With that being said I am thinking of creating a "Lookbook" style video, but I'm still indecisive on the theme. So if you have any suggestions let me know!

T-Shirt (really old)  | Culottes - New Look | Coat - Pull & Bear via Asos | Bag - New Look | Shoes - Primark 

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