The inspiration behind an outfit can vary on the way you feel to a certain place/person/item that has inspired you on that occasion. As of late I've been taking a lot of inspiration from New York street style as there is something so effortlessly cool about the way girls/guys style themselves using pieces that are considered "staples" in your wardrobe. I've also discovered that it's all about keeping it simple when creating an outfit, whether thats using a limited colour palette or fluid silhouettes.

I feel this outfit would fit in perfectly with the New York cityscape, as the weather is still fairly warm and humid. Meaning layers and loose pieces of clothing are key, hence the reason for choosing a mesh top and culottes. Not forgetting a pair of classic ankle boots that can save yourself from sore feet, from all the walking you'll probably be doing. With that being said there's nothing like renting a place in Queens from Clickstay (link)to live the life of a true "New Yorker". It fair to say I kinda wish I was off on a city break right now.

Top - New Look | Culottes - Boohoo | Boots - New Look | Sunglasses - Ray-ban | Backpack - New Look 
Photos by @ima.mermaid
This post was done in collaboration with Clickstay, all words are my own.

I feel as though my space themed t-shirt collection has reached a new height with this new addition from The Mountain. I got it in a couple of sizes bigger as I love the oversized feel of it and how it can became a piece which you can experiment with layering, over different silhouettes. Especially with the weather taking a colder turn and al', I can see this t-shirt can easily become a winter staple.

T-Shirt - The Mountain (link)* | Jeans - River Island | Backpack - New Look | Sandals - Birkenstock Arizona
Photos by @ima.mermaid 

So I finally got round to posting the last instalment of my LA photo diaries, apologies for the delay. It's a bittersweet feeling looking back at these images which were taken over two months ago. As I wish I could go back in an instant...These photos were taken across LA from the Getty Centre (the first photo) to Venice and Santa Monica Pier (second, third, and last two), featuring "Rock n' Roll Jesus". Yep, you read that right the pier has its very own residence of a rocker singing tunes to set the mood and channel those "LA Vibes"-RHCP "Californication" was my favourite cover. If you have a chance youtube search him and you'll find so many videos of him singing an array of songs. 
Whilst in Venice we heading to there famed "Venice Canals" which is such a beautiful hidden place, that has also been the backdrop for many famous Hollywood films and TV shows. I basically came away from the place wanting to one day own a house on the canal. 

Last Thursday I hopped on the train to London for a day of outfit photo taking and to pop by the Boohoo x LFW event, that they put on for the duration of London Fashion Week. The event itself was situated just off of Carnaby St. and was a place where bloggers and alike can retreat too, and also get their hair, make-up or even nails done by the professionals on hand. It was also a chance to take a peek at Boohoo's AW16 collection which was a *dream*. As their was a such a range of pieces on offer that explored trends such as the nude/blush pink trend to the highly anticipated 'painted leather' trend - which I cannot contain my excitement for. Needless to say that when this collection drops I can see my wishlist becoming never ending.

Photos by @ima.mermaid & me
how-to-wear-check-shirts how-to-wear-check-shirtshow-to-wear-check-shirtshow-to-wear-check-shirtshow-to-wear-check-shirts
I actually wore this outfit whilst I was visiting London for the Boohoo x LFW event last Thursday, which I will be featuring more on later on this week. As a lover (and devotee) of the famous all-black outfit I wanted to mix things up a bit and experiment with a few new ways of styling such items.

A recent piece which I've been enjoying styling is the classic (grunge) plaid shirt, that I am often see sporting tied around my waist of paired with an oversized t-shirt dress and ankle boots. Needless to say I can see this becoming a new 'obsession' of mine that will likely become a new staple wardrobe piece. How did I cope without the beloved check shirt before?!

Bodysuit - New Look (similar) | Skirt - Boohoo-on sale | Shirt (tied around waist) - New Look | Backpack - New Look | Choker Necklace - New Look | Boots - New Look

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook

There is nothing like the feeling of taking all your make-up off when it comes to the end of the day, giving your skin a much needed breather and pamper. But when it's time to shut those peepers, there are a few products that I like to keep by my bedside as my essentials.

Bio-Oil is a new discovery of mine despite being around for years, I've only now realised how amazing this product is for scarring etc. As a long-time acne sufferer, and as a result of this suffering my minor scarring across my cheeks. Bio-Oil has started to reduce this and speeded the process of healing.  They also have just launched a new "Scars Uncovered" campaign, that tells the story of the emotional impact of scarring-which I think most can relate to. So Bio-oil is now on a mission to help people with scars feel more confident in their own skin. You can check out the full video here.

Continuing on the theme of acne another must-have product is one I picked up from a trip to Target (the mothership) whilst I was out in LA last. Despite not being the most "prettiest" tube of acne treatment, let me tell you this little tube works's basically 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and in the US it is available prescription free. Being someone who has tried over half of the so called miracle spot treatments in boots, in addition to the receiving numerous prescription topical lotions. None of which have caused any drastic improvements. This one has never been offered. Despite this it is advised to be used with caution as it can causing dryness and irritation. That being said and have quite sensitive skin I apply this just before I go to bed using a cotton bud, dotting it onto the areas that need it. I've linked a similar one below as which is more readily available in the UK.

The last couple of items are definitely two that have doubled up as handbag essentials. The first being the Blistex intensive lip treatment, which is admittedly my new favourite lip balm. As its saves your lips from dryness and cracks. The second is a product that I've featured on the blog before and needs another mention as I LOVE it so much. It may just look like a spray bottle of water but the Eau Thermale Avene Water Spray is great to use to refresh your skin, as a toner or if you need something to smoothe your skin.

Products Shown : Bio-Oil (link)* | Blister Lip Balm (link) | Eau Thermale Avene Water Spray (link)* | Spot Treatment (Similar here)

Carrying on from my recent pale wash denim obsession (in my previous post) one of my favourite ways to style it is through pairing the pieces/s with something of a darker wash/colour. As I love the way it adds a modern contrast to an outfit, with a 90s/grunge inspired feel that I'm sure you'll all probably know by now that I'm all about.
When it comes to accessorising you iPhone there's nothing like matching it to the 'minimalistic' feel of you outfit with a classic (and instagram worthy) marble print case. This one is from Caseapp, and I absolutely love the subtly of the marble effect. Caseapp have a wide range of other pre-made designs as well as the option to create your own.

Denim Jacket - Romwe | Top - Monki | Jeans - Boohoo | iPhone Case - Caseapp (link)* | Sandals - Birkenstock | Backpack - New Look | Sunglases - Rayban | Choker - New Look | Earrings - Rings & Tings (link)*  
Photos by @ima.mermaid 

Pale wash denim have become some what of a new obsession of mine as of late, which comes as a surprise considering I'm a dark wash/skinny jean kinda girl at heart. These pale wash mom style jeans were actually a sale purchase for a mere £8, and for that price even if I never wore them again I couldn't resist. I decided to pair the new purchase with this The Mountain "Eagle" t-shirt, which I completely fell for, due to its vintage inspired design and how it reminds me of those Harley Davidson t-shirts. For a pop of colour I added one of my (many) neckties as the red gave the whole outfit a slight 70s feel, these neckties a such a key accessory as they can immediately take an outfit from 0 to 100.

P.S Apologies for the sporadic posting over these past couple of weeks. I've been recovering from having both of my wisdom teeth removed -_- which has taken way longer than expected... however I've got some exciting posts planned for the upcoming weeks so blogging will resume back to normal!
T-Shirt - The Mountain (link)* | Jeans - New Look (Sale - similar) | Necktie -  New Look (link) | Sandals - Birkenstock
Lookbook //Photos by @ima.mermaid

LIVE! Clothing is a sportswear brand that was originally born in Brazil and has recently opened up shop on the Kings Rd, in Chelsea. The brand is known for its focus on high-quality products which focus on comfort and performance, that have a distinctive style and come in a range of prints and colours. 

Being someone who prefers to exercise in an outdoor setting-as there is nothing like the fresh air to rejuvenate yourself I absolutely love the range of pieces LIVE! have on offer. Their leggings have to be a personal favourite, as they are beautifully designed-with eye-catching prints. I have to say they are probably the comfiest pair of 'work-out' leggings I own as they are so easy to move around in and fit perfectly to your body. For all you gym bunny's out there this brand is definitely worth checking out for high quality workout gear and swim pieces.

Top - LIVE! (link)* | Leggings - LIVE! (link)* | Trainers - Karimor
Photos @ima.mermaid // Lookbook