LIVE! Clothing is a sportswear brand that was originally born in Brazil and has recently opened up shop on the Kings Rd, in Chelsea. The brand is known for its focus on high-quality products which focus on comfort and performance, that have a distinctive style and come in a range of prints and colours. 

Being someone who prefers to exercise in an outdoor setting-as there is nothing like the fresh air to rejuvenate yourself I absolutely love the range of pieces LIVE! have on offer. Their leggings have to be a personal favourite, as they are beautifully designed-with eye-catching prints. I have to say they are probably the comfiest pair of 'work-out' leggings I own as they are so easy to move around in and fit perfectly to your body. For all you gym bunny's out there this brand is definitely worth checking out for high quality workout gear and swim pieces.

Top - LIVE! (link)* | Leggings - LIVE! (link)* | Trainers - Karimor
Photos @ima.mermaid // Lookbook 

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