LA Photo Diary 2

So I finally got round to posting the last instalment of my LA photo diaries, apologies for the delay. It's a bittersweet feeling looking back at these images which were taken over two months ago. As I wish I could go back in an instant...These photos were taken across LA from the Getty Centre (the first photo) to Venice and Santa Monica Pier (second, third, and last two), featuring "Rock n' Roll Jesus". Yep, you read that right the pier has its very own residence of a rocker singing tunes to set the mood and channel those "LA Vibes"-RHCP "Californication" was my favourite cover. If you have a chance youtube search him and you'll find so many videos of him singing an array of songs. 
Whilst in Venice we heading to there famed "Venice Canals" which is such a beautiful hidden place, that has also been the backdrop for many famous Hollywood films and TV shows. I basically came away from the place wanting to one day own a house on the canal. 

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