Review: Beauty Kitchen High Definition Facial Oil


Skincare is that step in my beauty routine that I like to invest time in, especially when using the right products to suit my current skin type. One of my favourite things to do when it comes to skincare,  is to switch-up this routine once in a while and try something new. That's where this nifty product comes in. Created by the brand Beauty Kitchen this High Definition Facial Oil is created with 100% natural (and sustainable) Seahorse Plankton (where no seahorses have been harmed in the making). Which for those who don't know is a micro-algae that protects itself from environmental stresses by producing a unique mix of antioxidants, omega 3, lipids, sterols, catenoids and those all important vitamins-A, D, E + K. Believe it all or not, these key ingredients create amazing beauty benefits for sensitive and problem skin.

With myself suffering from senstive/combination skin, I love to use this product after I've cleansed my face in the evening, by applying two/three drops all over my face-as a little goes a long way. As a result of a couple of weeks use I have noticed that my skin feels smoother and looks 'brighter'. This product is a perfect stocking filler for yourself or someone you know who's interested in trying out new sustainable/natural beauty products.

Available at Holland & Barretts -  £19.99 (link)*

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