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The 'blogger rut' can hit us when we least expect. We often find ourselves constantly searching for inspiration for the next post, but sometimes get caught up in the trends that hit us left, right and centre. To then find that we unintentionally 'give up' all together. This has recently hit me, as someone who finds that they constantly push themselves to create/edit etc fresh new content, you never are truly satisfied with what you've created. Despite taking a blogging backseat as of late, 'behind the scenes' I've been shooting outfits at every chance I have gotten, yet I'm reluctant to post them because I'm unhappy with the edit.

As a photography student it's often easy to get swiped up in the post-production style of things, attempting to achieve a certain 'colour tone' to your images yet find that they look the same as an older batch. As of late I've tried to stop this 'overthinking' from happening, because sometimes the simpler things work, and why attempt to make your photos look like so and so's, when you can stick to what works for you.

Hat - New Look (similar here) | Jacket - Vintage (similar here) | Top - (similar here) | Trousers - Vintage (similar here) | Bag - Radley (out of stock - similar link)*

With the constant stream of social media hitting us left, right and centre. It is sometimes tough to keep positive and not compare yourself to the next *insert whoever/whatever that is here*. But sometimes taking time away and stopping (once in a while) can lead you to a fresh outlook of things that can help keep you in that positive mindset. With recent uni deadlines and life 'stuff' taking control of my time as of late, admittedly I lost my blogging mojo and couldn't stay positive in 'blogging' in general. But with these few small tips, my positivity has regained force and momentum.

1. "Stay focused."
For me this applies to the task at hand-whether that's work related or life related. It's a fact that 'things' can get in the way of even doing the simplest of tasks. But the way I try to get out if this 'rut' it by basically having a little talk with myself. A 'pep' talk as such. I just remind myself that I CAN DO THIS. I've had a few of these 'talks' in the past couple of weeks, and I have to say that they act as a constant reminder for putting these 'things' into perspective.

2. "Surround yourself with positive people"
Kindness and laughter are my top two attributes for a positive relationship, as laughter cures a lot of things. Likewise I've been always told negativity breeds negativity, so cut it out and your own positivity will increase. That's not say the occasional rant/moan is not needed, because sometime it is. And by getting rid of 'that' emotion tied up to your rant, I think as almost 'clearing' that negativity out.

3. "Tomorrow is a new day"
Remind yourself it is. Dwelling on what happened 'yesterday' is a waste of your precious time. Why not take the negative out of the situation and turn it around, because you never know what positives could come from it.

I am keen to hear if you have any other tips on staying positive.

Jacket - Vintage (similar here) | T-Shirt - Gift (similar here) | Trousers - Vintage (similar here) | Scarf - eBay (similar here)

I am sure regular readers will know of my undying love for collecting band t-shirts on my travels, the collection is becoming endless and I often find myself on the hunt for others to add to my never ending selection.

EMP are kind of like a one stop shop for all things music/movie/tv/gaming related including selling an array of band merch. Literally covering all areas of interests including books, vinyls and jewellery to name a few. So, with that in mind I thought I would share a few of my favourite band t-shirts from EMP’s range, which are all (might I add) super reasonably priced.

As a pretty big Black Sabbath fan and already owner of a couple of ‘sabbath tees’ I thought I would add this to the wishlist. In their classic purple logo, this is one which is iconic in its nature and a must. Pink Floyd have long been a band that I’ve been obsessed with, their process of creating albums intrigues me hugely especially as Dark Side of the Moon is their ‘most well-known’ concept album.  This t-shirt captures the classic album artwork perfectly and would fit quite nicely with my other ‘floyd tees'. Another tee that caught my eye was this one by The Doors, a band from an era I adore. Everything from their music down to the way they dressed currently serves as major style inspiration. Jim Morrison is the ultimate 70s style icon in my eyes, who I’m forever taking outfit inspo from. Motorhead is another legendary band that I could not include in a wishlist – there seems to be a bit of a theme here with iconic bands. “Ace of Spades” is a killer track and Lemmy is a rock icon in his own right. Lastly is band that despite being ‘short-lived’ has made a long lasting impact, Joy Division's debut album “Unknown Pleasures” is still such an influential album that doesn’t date.

If you haven’t already then EMP are worth checking out if like me, your interested in expanding your collection of band merch or picking up a few items inspired by your favourite tv shows and movies.

This post is in collaboration with EMP. All views are my own.

The injection of colour back into my wardrobe has been something which I've find myself gradually doing in past couple of months, thanks to a recent obsession of the colour red. It comes as no surprise that a large majority of wardrobe consists of a monochromatic palette, yet as someone who used to wear ALOT of colour and even have an array of colourful hair styles.

The recent shift to a more simpler (and sometimes limited) colour palette was something that came about naturally. It was like one day I woke up and decided that that sort of style wasn't for 'me' anymore and wanted to gradually incorporate a more refined look into my everyday style. The first major shift was dying my hair blonde, as I couldn't bear go back to my natural shade (brown) and then it all kinda began. Taking inspiration from both 70s style icons and the kings and queens of tailoring- David Bowie and Annie Lennox. Merging them both to form a loosely 'normcore' inspired look. It's been an ongoing process, almost as though I'm redefining my personal style again. With the process of redefining your personal style, it's about finding what works for YOU and trying not to get hyped up into the constant flow of new and sometimes recycled trends.

 Jumper - Shein (link)* | Coat - Zara (link) | Trousers - Missguided (similar) | Hat - eBay (similar)

Shopping vintage has long been an obsession of mine, and over time I've gone through phases with it. From traipsing round charity shops in my early teens to developing a love for Rokit on Brick Lane. Up until recently I wasn't really taking into account the positive effects that shopping vintage can have on both the environment and your wardrobe- you can find some seriously killer items.

That is until I took a trip to Goodwill whilst on holiday this summer, for those unaware Goodwill is basically a charity shop but the one I went to was on a 'supersize me' level. I'm talking the size of your local supermarket, filled with clothing, accessories and homeware. After picking up some impressive finds- like this jacket for $4, I came away from the trip feeling inspired and wanting to consciously fill my wardrobe with vintage clothing - buying less 'new' items.

You may have noticed the increase in sharing my vintage finds on the blog, as of late and that is by no means a 'coincidence'. Yeah, I admit that have been a few 'new' purchases (courtesy of my b'day) but the majority of these purchases have been made in local charity shops. I sometimes forget how amazing my local charity shops can be with stocking one-of-a-kind items, I evenly picked up few items for the bargain price of £1.99 (per piece).  Even since opening a Depop shop with my sister (selling both second-hand/vintage) has really opened my eyes to some of the amazing pieces you can pick up on the app. My sister is definitely more of a 'Depop shopper' than I am, and some of her purchases are killer.

Of course as a fashion blogger you get sent clothing from time to time, but when it comes to spending my own money, vintage is fast becoming the answer to styling up some truly one-off outfits. But that my no means that I'm becoming 'this perfect shopper', but by making these small *conscious* decisions (like this) can have a bigger impact.

Jacket - Vintage (similar here) | Top - M&S (similar here) | Red Flares - Missguided (link)

Recently I've made the conscious decision to write about topics that are close to my heart, or on mind. As it's so easy to get caught up in this world where consumerism is the main drive and topics which need to be discussed get ignored. One of these 'topics' has been on my mind for years, and something which I've been meaning to write about as someone who has gone through it.
At present I have just started my second year of my degree (in photography), but if we re-wind back to 2015 I was in a very different place.

Straight off of my foundation course (in Fashion) I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion and moved up north to start a degree in that subject. As someone who used to plan everything-life move/s etc to the nth degree I never would of thought I would be that person to drop out. But fast forward to November of that year, I wasn't in a good place - mentally or physically and with the support of my family, I was on the train home by the end of that month, and signed the papers declaring my departure. Looking back it was probably one of the best life decisions I've made so far, and you really don't get to grips with how unhappy you are until you've left that situation.

The one question that I was constantly asked was "are you going to go back, and start another degree?" You would have assumed that this 'experience' would've completely put me off the idea of starting at another university. But low and behold it didn't, and instead made me realise what I WANTED from a degree. It's so easy to get caught up on a course that you hate, and feel pressure to see it through till the bittersweet end but in all fairness my health was at the epicentre of this, and I had to make the adult decision to put it first.

Dropping out is a taboo subject, I think I'm the only one from my friendship group who has, but what people don't realise is that there is this 'invisible' pressure to know what you want to do and picking a degree can have a huge influence on that. Especially if that degree doesn't live up to your expectations. Taking a 'year off' from education in 2016, allowed for other opportunities to come my way, and pursue an area of photography (photographing some of my favourite bands/musicians) that wouldn't have been possible if I didn't drop-out.

To end with, if you ever find yourself at a crossroad in important decision making (I'm not just talking about whether you should have that extra slice of pizza-you should), always go with your gut as 9 times out of 10 it's normally right.

Jumper - Missguided (link) | Trousers - Missguided (old-similar) | Backpack - New Look (similar here)

With Christmas being not far around the corner, in fact November is only really a couple of weeks away. Prep for present hunting is key as I personally hate to leave it to the last minute, as honestly it isn't my ideal way of christmas shopping. UncommonGoods are place where you can pick up some unique festive gifts and are a brand that are all about sustainability, committed to selling products that are not harmful against humans or animals. They also work with their suppliers, including artists and small manufacturers, to make sure that their products are made in a socially and environmentally responsible way. 

As someone who is becoming more and more aware of the social and ethical impacts of our spending (you might have noticed my increase in wearing vintage clothing/sourcing vintage), this brand is perfect for Christmas gift shopping. Whether that's shopping for gifts for your family or even your friends. Especially with it being the time of year to give back and support small creatives, by purchasing truly one-off and personalised gifts. As you can see this is just a small selection of some my favourite items from the site, ranging from intricate pieces of jewellery and accessories to some truly stand out pieces of homeware. UncommonGoods also ship to the UK and other international locations, in addition to the USA.

Post in collaboration with UncommonGoods, all opinions are my own. Images taken from the UncommonGoods site.


Sporting a couple of new wardrobe additions in today's post, courtesy of my birthday last week. The main item being these contrasting panel trousers, from Zara that might I add have turned out to be one of the 'comfiest' pairs of trousers round. Especially as someone who is 9/10 working from home, i.e. sat at my computer for hours on end. Comfort in trouser form is key and these are up there with ultimate levels of comfort. The slightly tapered leg also allows them to be perfect for pairing with my beloved biker boots. Paired with the faux fur jacket, I can definitely see this being an outfit for more 'casual days'.

Faux Fur Jacket - Zara (link / similar here) | Shirt - Vintage (similar here) | Trousers - Zara (link) | Shoes - ASOS (similar here)

70s style has long been an obsession of mine, and one which is a frequently incorporated into my outfits. Whether thats opting for something flared or even pulling out the suede fringe jacket, this era has a dear place in my love of fashion. With it being an era where the amount of style icons are endless, I often see myself frequently switching up who I'm looking at for inspiration.

Recently I've been drawn towards the male icons of the 70s including the likes of Mick Jagger and David Bowie. As someone who is far gone from 'girly dressing' (skirts and dresses aren't really my 'jam') these sort of icons are more 'relatable' with my personal style, as recently I've gravitated towards styling more 'tailored' inspired pieces within my wardrobe. Opting for simpler colour palettes and 'fluid' silhouettes.With that being said my 'references' are forever changing, which is one of the greatest things about documenting your style.

Top - Shein (link)* | Trousers - Missguided (similar here) | Hat - New Look (similar here)

Over the weekend me and the sister decided to pop over to the Barbican to take a wonder round the highly anticipated Basquiat exhibition, that I believe is the first major showing of his work to take place in London. Set in one of my (all time) favourite buildings in London- I'm a huge fan of the Brutalist architecture movement a la the Barbican, we didn't let the grey skies stop us from taking some snaps just before we headed in.

The exhibition itself was pretty impressive, set over the whole of the art gallery area with a range of mediums on display including some polaroids of some famous icons- Madonna, Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol *to name a few*. It has definitely made me want to shoot more in film, in my photography work.
Also a little tip, if you're aged between 14-25 you can sign up for (free) on their "Young Barbicans" scheme meaning, that the exhibition ticket was only £5, instead of £16.  

most of my outfit is vintage so I've linked similar items below -->
Jacket - Vintage (similar here) | Shirt - Vintage (similar here) | Trousers - Vintage (similar here) | Bag - Mulberry "Bayswater" (link) | Boots - ASOS (old-similar here)

When it comes to my make-up routine there are two products I won't leave the house without, one being foundation and the second being a mascara of some sort. Claiming to be the 'little black dress' of mascaras, the new release from Temple Spa definitely caught my eye for being a mascara enriched with lash caring ingredients. With a blend of plant peptides and antioxidants, it's basically skincare for your lashes whilst still giving you that mascara 'look'. The one thing I love about this mascara is how natural yet still defined it makes my eye lashes look, with no clumps or flaking throughout the day, plus it's really easy to remove- I use a micellar water. For lash loving queens this mascara is definitely worth a try as its essentially a 2-in-1 product.

Temple Spa "A Stroke of Genius" Serum Mascara (link)* 

As I've previously mentioned a few blog posts back, red has recently became a shade that I've opened my arms and wardrobe to more as of late. The combination of the shade with my mainly 'black' wardrobe, has been a complimenting addition and switching up my normally limited colour palette outfits.

Also on a side note and in celebration of pay day a couple of days ago, we've (me and my sister) have a uploaded loads of new items to our depop page, some of which have even been featured on the blog. So if you might be able to grab your hands on a item which you've had your eye on already!

Red Leather Jacket - Missguided (link) | Trousers - Thrifted (similar here) | Top - M&S (similar here) | Beret - eBay (similar here) | Boots - ASOS (old - similar here)