LIVE Pastel Spray in Icy Blue

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When it comes to hair colour long-time readers will be fully aware of my ever changing locks, in fact I think I have near enough documented every colour under the sun on this blog. Whether it was when I was going through my acid pink stage and wearing everything Kawaii to match to that purple haze stage which inspired my grunge style, and eventually led me to do a complete 360 and go platinum blonde (with a now silvery lilac hue-to be revealed). However sometimes you just want to try out a hair colour for a couple of days to see whether it suits your fancy, without making a month long (or longer) commitment.

That's where the new Schwarzkopf LIVE Pastel Sprays come in. Available in 4 on-trend colours: "Cotton Candy", "Mint Green", "Apricot Sunrise" and "Icy Blue" which last up to 3 washes. What surprised me about this product was how EASY it was to use, you literally spray it onto towel-dried or dry hair, blot away the excess, comb through for even distribution and then blow-dry to finish. And after a few washes (4-5, my hair is pretty bleached) my hair was back to normal. They are even a fun product to try out if you want to experiment with different coloured dip-dye, as you could even create a rainbow inspired look, using all 4 sprays.

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