Cold Knees

I have to admit I have a fond love of clothes with rips, holes and anything that looks like it shouldn't be there. As although some might despise the look of accidentally-on-purpose ripped jeans and a t-shirt that looks as though it was a moths breakfast. Theres a quality to these types of pieces that I adore, almost as though it has the "lived in look" down to a t. Even if they didn't have that 'look' beforehand, for example not too long ago these jeans had a 'rip-less' aesthetic which I quickly got bored with so I decided to tear a couple of rips at the knee. It should really be called the "cold knee" trend to be fair, as they're not the most practical for sub zero temperatures.

T- Shirt - New Look | Bag - Monki | Choker - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Boots - Primark (sale) | Jeans - New Look 

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