Cropped logo sweatshirts have been a new obsession of mine as I adore how it can become a statement piece within your outfit. To be honest besides from my love of band tees I've never really been into striking logo pieces, that is until now. There is something about the mix of casualness of the item can be, yet still be dressed up in a "put-together" approach. I was immediately drawn to this "Babe" Shein version as despite some having a love/hate relationship with the word (including myself) it did remind of Wayne's World-"She's such a Babe". And with Wayne's World being on my list of my favourite films of all time, how could I resist.

Jumper - Shein (link)* | Trousers - Primark | Necklace - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Choker - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Jacket - Vintage | Backpack - New Look | iPhone 6 Case - Caseapp (link)* | Boots - New Look
beauty-kitchen-60-second-manicure-review beauty-kitchen-60-second-manicure-review

When it comes to your hands and nails I have to admit I'm sometimes too lazy to bother with painting them, and making sure they look 'polished'. However saying that I've always been obsessed with using hand creams and keeping dry skin at bay, so when the "Beauty Kitchen's Inspire Me 60 Second Manicure" landing in my hands I was intrigued to give it a whirl.

First off lets just talk about the packaging. I absolutely love how its packaged in a small mason jar as it adds a unique touch to the product, andalso (practically) preserves the product with its airtight seal. Now the actual product is made up of key ingredients such as Himalayan Salt, Abyssinian Oil, nettle, lemongrass and grapefruit, creating a intense citrus aroma that gently exfoliates, hydrates and cleanses the skin in 60 seconds.

This product is best used on wet hands, and I personally focus the exfoliation on my knuckles and in-between my fingers as those are the areas where I tend to suffer with dry patches. Like the name insists I do this for just 60 seconds, and once I've rinsed my hands I feel quite a dramatic difference to the way they feel. Thanks to those key oils my hands now feel softer and more hydrated, the Beauty Kitchen 60 Second Manicure is available from Holland & Barretts.

Beauty Kitchen Inspire Me 60 Second Manicure (Link)*


As of late I have been interested into learning more about skincare and using products that are natural based, but equally effective as my usual go-to-products. With that being said I was intrigued to try out these range of products by Dr. Organic, a brand that I have enjoyed using in the past.

First up is their "Organic Hemp Oil Skin Lotion", which is a perfect everyday body lotion that can be used when your straight out of the shower or whenever you feel your body needs it. I particularly like how this lotion is fast-absorbing leaving a non-greasy 'moisturised' feeling, making it perfect for being applied just before you get dressed. With it's main ingredient of Organic Hemp Oil being noted as "natures most balanced oil"combined with Aloe Vera, Almond, Avocado Oil as well as Horsetail, Hops and Hibiscus. This combination really makes your skin feel nourished and protected. Definitely a new firm favourite of mine.

Next up is a product that I was intrigued to try which is the "Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Moisture Melt Body Oil". Now the reason why I was so intrigued to try this was because this product (cold/at room temperature) is solid, but once you pop it in some hot water for a couple of minutes it turns into fine liquid oil. Another great thing about this product is that you can use it on your body, hair and nails. In addition to the main ingredient being Coconut Oil it also contains tropical extracts such as gardenia flowers, papaya seed oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, orange fruit extract, bergamot fruit oil, lemon peel oil. Meaning that your skin can be treated to deep nourishing pamper leaving it feeling hydrated and moisturised.

The final product is a "Organic Virgin Olive Oil Body Scrub", now a lot of us are aware of the benefits that olive oil can have on both the body and hair. As it can help your skin tissue from free radical damage and fight against the aging process. Most body scrubs I have used in the past have left my skin feeling dry and dehydrated, but this product is different. This hydrated body scrub uses microparticles of pure volcanic lava, effectively removing dead skin cells, but leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Also all products featured are Cruelty Free and suitable for Vegetarians.


One of my classic all-black ensembles gracing the blog, as when in doubt opt for a simple black outfit  to get your through the day, with statement (faux) snakeskin boots. Theses photos were actually taken prior to my spontaneous pink hair dying session, which I unveiled on my Snapchat and Instagram story (@stylepeaches). I'll obviously be sharing my new do' soon in an upcoming post, as I would say it's a lot more 'pinker' than more usual pastel hues.

Jacket - Vintage (similar) | Top - New Look (link) | Trousers - New Look (link) | Boots - Primark (similar)

Having bleach blonde hair can come with some serious considerations when it comes to hair maintenance, as anyone with blonde locks will know that your hair is more prone to dryness and breakage. With that being said it is all about taking those small steps to keep dryness and breakages at bay by investing in a few hair care products especially designed for this-with the help of Umberto Gianni*.

First off is a hair mask that I have recently fallen head over heels for. The "Over Indulge Nourishing Hair Mask*" is one of those 3 minute wonder products and has transformed the texture of my hair dramatically. A lot of people often ask me how I can have such white blonde hair that doesn't look frazzled or dry. To be honest a huge factor to this is down to using a decent hair mask, in between bleaching sessions. It also comes with a nifty hair cap for those wanting 'intenser' treatments or even a pamper session.

Next up is a multi-purpose hair spray. The "Pick Me Up Nutrient Hairspray"* is like a little bottle of wonders as it not only protects your hair from heat damage, but also detangles, smooths and de-frizzes all in one spray. With a combination of Coconut Oil and Jojobo Oil to aid in doing just that. I love to use this when my hair is towel-dried, just before I go in with a hair dryer as it smoothes down any flyaway's and protects my locks from heat damage,

Lastly is a hair serum that is also another one of Umberto Giannini's multi-use products, the "Miracle Worker Smooth Hair Serum"*. As a devotee of the classic hair serum- I literally go through it like there's no tomorrow. This product not only smooths and tames unwanted flyaways, it is also a repairing treatment (thanks to the key ingredient of Argan Oil). Again I love to use this on freshly washed damp hair before blow drying, and also to style to keep my hair in tip-top condition.


The start of a new year can be the time to reflect on what you've achieved from the previous one and decide how you want to pursue future goals or even improve your productivity. I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with productivity in relation to blog work and uni etc. From having spouts of energy and motivation, to those days where I really cannot be asked to do anything. It happens to all of us and by no means is a bad thing (on the occasion), but I thought I would compile a few of my top tips that have worked for me for getting s*** done.

First off is to utilise that calendar on your phone/computer/tablet, so you can make visual plans for the week/month etc. I have found by using this tool more I am more in the loop about what I want to achieve. Also I use to it to colour co-ordinate my blog schedule via prep for posts, scheduled posts and blogger chats as this has acted as an overview for when might be the best time to post, in relation to a blogger chat going on. Another thing I love about it is that as my calendars are synced across all my devices so I can check my schedule on the go or when I'm on my way home from uni.

Stationary has always been a weakness for me, I recall being younger and scrawling through the staples catalogue (back when catalogues where a thing..) and circling random things that I wanted for christmas. Including 100+ biro's, multicoloured post-it notes and that cash register, so playing "shops" would be more 'authentic'. That being said I'm an avid note taker and planner. I always find if I have a nice set of stationary I am more likely to use it. Which is an essential for setting yourself mini-goals for the day, that are realistic to achieve. By doing this I can visually see that I've had a fairly productive day, and to be honest seeing that on paper feels as though you've achieved something.

Another thing you could try is by popping your headphones on and listening to some music whilst you work. I actually find myself working better when doing this as I block my surroundings out and focus all my energy on that task, as opposed to listening via speakers and being more aware of my surroundings.

Lastly (probably my favourite) is to take tea breaks in between work. I've found by setting myself a goal of how much I want to achieve in e.g. the next hour and then rewarding myself with a tea break, is far more effective then just working solid. It also more importantly gives your eyes a break from your computer screen.

So here are just a few of the things that have worked for me, I would love to hear yours below.