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T-Shirt dressed have become a new wardrobe staple of mine for two main reasons: 1) Comfort and 2) It's such an easy outfit to style. Despite the weather not being quite warm enough to sport the dress with bare legs and sandals, I've given the look a "winter update" with over-the-knee boots and a borg denim jacket. And let me tell you for those who don't own a pair of over-knee's you're seriously missing out on keeping your legs extra warm. I'm literally wearing them with everything (and anything) that will look 'good' with them. Longtime readers will know that I have a thing for anything space inspired whether from t-shirt patterns, to metallic "barbarella" fabrics and of course "space grunge". So this t-shirt from The Mountain fitted this grunge inspired outfit perfectly, I cannot wait to sport it when the weather warms up.

T-Shirt - The Mountain (link)* | Jacket - New Look | Beanie - Primark | Boots - New Look

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