Weekend outfits are normally my favourite types of outfits, because (for me) they are centred around one thing- comfort. My current go-to outfit is my fav. print t-shirt, a pair of my trusty distressed mom jeans, and (weather dependent) a light (oversized) jacket. For that particular Sunday I opted for this Barbour Wax 'number' over my go-to leather jacket, which has been making frequent appearances on the blog as of late. I adore the oversized, masculine feel of the jacket as it adds another element to the whole look, as well as adding to that 'effortless'/thrown together' style that weekends are all about.

Jacket - Barbour (link) | T-Shirt - The Mountain (link)* | Trousers - New Look (similar here + here ) | Sandals - Birkenstocks (link) | Sunglasses - Rayban 'Round' (link)

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  1. Love these photos so much !



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