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Whenever I see an article discussing this seasons Spring/Summer trends which is 9 times out of 10 going to be some type of form of florals, I cannot help but have a GIF of Miranda Priestly replay in my head. To be honest for their 'repetitive' nature I tend to avoid them all together come spring. However there always seems to be one variation that surpasses my 'radar'.  This is most likely due to myself gravitating towards the more 'unusual' prints in the floral spectrum. That's where this top came in as I completely fell for the 'etched' style print and its flattering cropped style. Also as a lover of anything flared (these trousers included) I was drawn to the slightly flared sleeved, which is the perfect amount of 'flared-ness', may I add. As they don't fall into the 'unpractical' category of sleeves, you know the ones - "dinner dippers" I like to call them. This is fast becoming an item which I can definitely see myself styling up for a summery look in the next couple of months.

Top - Shein (link)* | Trousers - Missguided (similar here + here) | Boots - Primark (old - similar here + here) | Choker - New Look (similar here)

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