With it being less than 24 hours until we *officially* step into Autumn, it's somewhat ironic with how 'autumnal' this outfit feels-despite being shot in August. As an long time advocate of the 'controversial' socks and sandals trend. If only you knew of my 'off-duty' blogger look- a la Birken's + socks. I wanted to dig these platforms out and swap them as an 'occasional replacement' for my normal pair of biker boots, that are a regular on the blog. As there's something I adore all too well about how they look with a pair of socks.

Jacket - Boohoo* (old season-similar here) | Bodysuit - New Look (similar here) | Jeans - Primark (d.i.y) | Bag - Radley (similar - link)* | Shoes - New Look (similar here

Last week was spent wondering around the sights of South Wales, despite only managing to shoot one outfit whilst away (*it was technically a holiday*). AltThe scenery on offer in todays photos does a pretty good job of making up for that lost shooting time. Weather wise it was on the cooler scale of things, so layering was key with this hoodie becoming a wardrobe staple for that particular week. And of course, this suede fringe jacket had to come out, as it is fast becoming one of those items where I'm literally finding an excuse to pair it with practically everything and anything in my wardrobe. I don't think that's going to slow down anytime soon either.

Jacket - Thrifted (similar here) | Top - Thrifted (similar here) | Trousers - Missguided (old-similar here) | Hoodie - Primark | Sunglasses - Ray-ban (link) | Backpack - New Look (old-similar here)

Ever since purchasing a pair of wide leg trousers earlier this year (and subsequently d.i.y'ing them-recap on that here) I've been on the lookout for another pair to add to my collection, as I tend to get a lot more wear out of this sort of style as opposed to a pair of jeans. I found these in one of the thrift stores we visited back in Florida and despite having to do a few tweaks-i.e. adjust the waist and length, they are near enough what I've been looking for.

I feel myself edging towards the more 'relaxed tailored' look as of late, creating outfits with clean lines and somewhat of a 'business casual' resemblance. Which despite not working in an office I kinda love those more 'masculine/oversized' looks.
This is one of the main reasons why I love to blog and document my daily outfits, as over the past year I feel my style has definitely 'matured' and become more refined in silhouettes and overall choices.

Top - Guns n' Roses (Available to buy via our depop here) | Trousers - Thrifted (similar here) | Bag - Monki (old - similar here) | Sandals - Birkenstock (link) | Necklace - Similar Here

This post has been one of those which that has been a long time coming. As an avid music listener and vinyl collector I'm forever sharing my recent purchases/currently listening to via my instagram but have never sat down to do a full-blown blog post. That is until now. So I've sifted through some of my latest vinyl additions and wanted to share a few of my favourites that have been on the turntable (on repeat), from an array of bands.

First up is a one by a new favourite band of mine, Black Honey. I first came across them early this year and basically haven't stopped listening to them since. Their catchy songs and contagious guitar rifts are worth a listen. I was lucky enough to photograph them at a festival a few months back and seeing them live has enhanced my love for their music even more.

*side note* I haven't fully mentioned this on the blog before but when I'm not blogging I photograph bands live hence my love for music. I have a separate Instagram account sharing all my work here - c.p.images. *personal plug over* Anyway this Hello Today EP is probably one of my most prized vinyl's not only for the singles attached but the shape is pretty awesome. As it's limited edition, and currently sold out its not the easiest to get hold of but if you can then I'd definitely recommend it.

Another new band which I've been listening to ALOT of is The Amazons, their debut album is full of catchy guitar hooks. A couple of notable singles that are worth a listen include Junk Food Forever and In My Mind. If you're a fan of indie guitar bands, then give these a listen.

The Cribs latest offering - 24/7 Rock Star Shit, is a one of the newer additions to the collection. As a Cribs fan this album has been long awaited and embodies the true 'Cribs sound'. It's definitely a lot more 'rawer' than their previous releases and offers a more 'back-to-basics' sort of sound. For me it reminds me of a true 90s punk record as it has that feel throughout the whole album. A couple of singles from this one that a worth a listen include, "What have you done for me?" and "Year of Hate".

Lastly is band that I LOVE, and this vinyl is by far no means a 'new release'."The Very Best Of" is a compilation of The Stone Roses best hits, and is one which I always reach for whenever I don't know what to listen to. This album has a real summer feel to it, and consequently finds itself on repeat when the suns shining.

Links - Black Honey (link) | the Amazons (link) | The Cribs (link) | The Stone Roses (link)

I've been meaning to photograph this Harley Davidson T-Shirt/Vest ever since picking it up, back in June at the Rokit store in Covent Garden. I've been on the lookout for a vintage H.D tee for a good couple of years but never came across one 'in the flesh' that I really liked, that is until I saw this one. Priced at just £5 it was one of those purchases that I had to buy, simply because the price was too good to miss out on.
Another item which I've been lusting over owning is a Baker Boy hat, spotted amongst my favourite bloggers on Instagram this accessory, adds that extra 'something' to a whole outfit, and with it being black it can pretty much be paired with anything and everything (emphasis on the latter).

T-Shirt - Rokit Vintage (similar here) | Trousers - Missguided (similar here) | Hat - New Look (link) | Backpack - New Look (on sale-link) | Boots - ASOS (similar here

Another thrifted jacket gracing the blog today, this one comes in the form of a PVC rain mac. Again priced at roughly $4, and in near mint condition. I simply couldn't resist. It kinda reminds me of the one (style wise) Alexa Chung bought out as part of the M&S 'Archive Collection' a couple of years back. With that style in mind I wanted to channel a fairly 'preppy' look so decided to pair said jacket with my houndstooth wide leg cropped trousers and all black accessories (like normal). It is soon becoming my most-worn jacket of the season, especially with the unpredictability of the weather at the moment.

Jacket - Thrifted (similar) | Top - New Look (similar) | Trousers - New Look (similar) | Boots - ASOS (similar) | Choker - My Sisters Accessories*


I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to fully share all, about this Suede Fringe Jacket that has recently entered my life (and wardrobe). The hunt for the 'perfect' jacket has been a long time coming-I'm talking YEARS. There have been possible options that I've spotted along the way but I was always put off by either the quality, shape or 'type' of suede. However this one-which happened to also be a thrifted find for $4... had to be MINE. Spotted amongst the rack of their 'outerwear' section, I saw this one sandwiched between two others and immediately gravitated towards the fringe-obviously. This has undoubtedly become the bargain purchase of the year (so far).

Jacket - Thrifted (similar) | T-Shirt - RHCP Merch (similar) | Velvet Flares - Missguided (old-similar) | Backpack - New Look (similar)

I have to admit this isn't my bodysuit, it's my sister's and I'm forever borrowing it from her as we all know American Apparel is no more and this bodysuit is so darn comfy. I love the way it looks when paired with a pale wash denim bottom, whether that's a pair of mom jeans or even a skirt (like today) as there is such a 'retro' feel to that combination.

Bodysuit - American Apparel (r.i.p) similar here | Skirt - Shein (link)* | Shoes - Vans (link) | Bag - Monki (similar here) | Star Earrings - Primark (similar) | Necklace - Rings and Tings* 

Another semi-thrifted look gracing the blog today, although this seems to be a reoccurring pattern of paring a thrifted top with these Primark cut-off shorts because lets be honest I was practically living in them whilst on holiday. To 'jazz' up a fairly simple outfit I opted for this stunning embroidered belt- that I picked up from New Look a couple of months ago, classic ray-bans and a pair of vans which happen to be new purchase of mine. And after a couple weeks of 'breaking them in' I can finally say that they are the world's most comfiest of shoes, and haven't left my feet since.

T - Shirt - Thrifted (similar here) | Shorts - Primark (similar here) | Belt - New Look (link here) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (link) | Shoes - Vans Old Skool (link)